Pole Dancing – Art of Pole – Lesson 5

After having had to cancel my catch up lesson and having had belly pain for half of the week (and thus also been partially on sickleave), I was still neither fully fit not sure if going to the lesson was really a good idea, but I had no choice. Missing out on another lesson was no option, and as the pain was pretty much gone, at least was no reason to stay away.

So basically I was healthy, just not sure about my strength – and I had to face the fact that I was right, quite a few things simply did not to work out, even though before they had always worked out and there had been no problem at all. If from one week to another it shifts like this, I get frustrated, desperate and pissed off with myself and everything else. The fact that I started disliking even out choreography song already did not make it any better (I swear, the part of the song “lu-ci-feeeerrr” is stuck in my head and makes me wanna…) and well…let´s put it this way: the lesson showed me I had much more work ahead to have a stable performance than I initially had thought.

Uplifting, right? But well, let´s go a bit more into detail and try to partially focus on what went rather well…yes, there have been things that were okay…

New to the show the following spin was – called “The Chair”. In the video below you see a version of it, nevertheless we did it differently. I suppose for muscle strength reasons, as this looks much more heavy on the arm than our version.

After the initial “oh it looks nice when you do it but…nope, not gonna happen”, it actually worked out really well, even though it´s been a struggle and some russian roulette when doing it in the fast moves of the choreography. So the spin itself is not the problem, just the “shit I got no time to really prepare, otherwise I will be late”-thinking. This move will be one of those things that I will need to heavily practice in my play times, because if that one doesn´t work out in the performance night, it´d look highly retarded.

And since I am already at googling Pole Dance videos, I can also catch up with videos on the moves and spins we lately learned and integrated in our choreography – sorry I have been lazy until now, but sometimes I didn´t know the name and then searching for a spin out of a thousand or more is pretty much a waste of time.

So yeah, we learned a variation of the “Passé spin” to look good whilst coming down to the floor after having done the fireman, the explosion, the seat and all of this.

Doesn´t look too hard, right? But it´s not as easy as it seems, at least for me it is a pain in the ass because I always struggle with being to fast and thus holding on to the pole is tough and then figuring out what is my right and my left leg and what they are supposed to do. And of course, always keeping an ear out for the music and the timing and everything. It improved a lot lately, but still I am not really feeling comfortable with it, another thing that really will need a lot of practising.

Since I already mentioned the “fireman”…we´re doing it a second time in the choreography, and this time the other way around. With my weaker left arm being the one that needs some strength. Additionally, and making things even worse, we shall first slowly lift ourself into the spin. I could do it with my right arm being the one needing strength, but I feel like dying every time when we did it how we need to do it the choreo. And I am rather clueless how I shall build up the needed strength until the end of this month.

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