Pole Dancing – Art of Pole – Lesson 6

After yet another week without a Play Time session, as I had a bad feeling when I entered the studio because I did not feel prepared and halfway had forgotten the choreography already. Could have not been less prepared, and feeling more insecure.

The warm up felt short but still intense – it is crazy how fast you can be sweated like this, the muscles in my legs and arms were burning already, still having most of the lesson ahead of me. I was exhausted, desperately grabbing my water bottle after having prepared my pole with the powder and my hands and inner tighs with hair spray. Yes, shake your head about spraying this onto your skin in such a rather sensitive area, but if you wanna stick to the pole, you gotta find the way that works for you. And that is my way.

We´re going to the end of the course with big steps, and same for the choreography. I kinda waited for something difficult to be coming up rather at the end, and hey, here we go. In the video below you see an advanced version of “The plank” (sometimes also called “Supergirl”) which we learned – because we have the “free” hand on the pole aswell, making it easer and less risky when you´re not really having the power in the arm.

We learned this trick pretty much at the end of the lesson, where at least my power in legs and arms was rather gone already. Sliding down with my legs, my inner thights showed me every middle finger possible and it was freaking painful. The brain probably is the biggest enemy there, because it just doesn´t feel too good and my brain goes into “how to survive” mode and then it simply doesn´t work.

But also let´s have a look on how the other figures and spins are currently working:

  • The Chair – Works rather well, even though it somehow started killing my left wrist again as I feel like there is too much weight on that arm for some reasons. I don´t know, it partially hurts,
  • Passé Spin – Surprisingly it started working really well, and feels rather safe and good-looking. I can only hope for it to continue…
  • Fireman&Explosion (right) – Usually works rather well,
  • The Seat/Lady Seat – Works rather well, even though I often have too much speed and then my brain shuts off, so I started hardly pushing myself off the ground, rather halfway statically start into it, knowing I will speed up anyways
  • Fireman (left) – Getting into the spin is just a struggle because we hardly did it like this, rather the other way around and therefore I struggle with “which left goes where and how and”…I still look retarded doing it.
  • Backwards bend – My back really got used to it, and that´s somehting that really surprised me, because it was rather painful at the start but this time it was good – only issue that it needs to be really fast and mostly coming out of another spin, making me a tad scared I lose grip of the pole and then fall…
  • Kick & Turn (new) – Works well, just need to remember to be quick and then also when turning change the hand on the pole in a way that I do not look like a robot, shouldn´t be making much of a problem
  • Floorwork – A part of it works well and I think also looks good, but the other part rather looks like a whale rolling over the floor and all of this. And the timing is really a struggle for me there, it is no fun.

But you know, the choreography as a whole still feels and partially is a struggle, it feels too fast and confusing and I don´t have enough time to properly get into certain spins and then just keep fucking up. It is frustrating, and the next lessons I will have a lot of fun – 1 technique lesson, 2 choreography lessons, 3 playtimes. And then the performance night, where you will hopefully be able to watch me – if all lessons beforehand work out as they should and get me to a point where I feel good enough.

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