Pole Dancing – Catch up Lesson

So, on Monday I finally had my catch up lesson, and decided to take a technique lesson – meaning it is all about repetitions and a smooth and good way to execute the spins and everything. Again it´s been a late evening, play time o´clock – meaning 9m to 10pm. Not my fave time, clearly, but there was no other way to really take this catch up lesson anywhere else, and I felt like really needing some more practice before going to the performance night next week (I am still not sure if I will actually go there in the end, but that´s another story).

My wrist was hurting a bit, but nothing major – my hand is just not used to being the “main hand”, so it simply needs to adjust. I guess.

The teacher for the lesson was the one that will also be doing my technique course starting in May, so it was cool to really see a lesson with her beforehand. And it´s been an exhausting one, needless to say.

So yeah, we did two moves for pretty much all of the lesson, and it was the Knee Hook forwards and backwards, as well as the step around and a combination of both. As well as doing it right handed and left handed, and I realized that we usually did those moves mostly in one direction and not the other – so it partially really felt like it was a challenge, even though it´s been moves that we did in my very first course already. But it makes sense to be good at those moves with both hands, so that you´re not that desperate during learning a choreography as I currently am with the Art of Pole course.

Also some parts were taken from the choreography, so I know I will be handling those better, but I had really hoped to be doing the Supergirl or the Lady Seat or some of those complicated parts, but nope.

Oh and because I know it is hard to remember – at least for non-pole dancers – have two videos of the spins we practiced over and over again.

I know it makes sense, and this is why I also booked the course for the next time table, but it´s really nothing I would want to do two courses in a row because it is tiring, and rather monotoneous.

This is why I really really need my high heels to arrive soon and fit because I need something to motivate me and know what I work towards to…otherwise I might totally kill all the bits of motivation that are still left.


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