The body in the mirror

3 months ago I already wrote a really honest and straight forward blog entry about how I perceive myself during the weightloss process when looking into the mirror and all this.

And I am surprise that it has changed – partially. But let´s start with the good part – on most days, I can look into the mirror. That´s the first step, and hasn´t be the normal case back at the beginning of the year. I can walk by the mirror and have a short look – I still do not really like what I am seeing when looking straight from the front into the mirror, because this look causes troubles and worries for me.

So far I am lucky to have lost around 13 to 14kg, and my body and my skin has nicely adapted, all body parts played along really well. But there´s two places where I simply notice how weak my skin is – and that´s my upper legs and my belly. Whenever I google things I could or should or may be doing to support my body with the whole weightloss transformation, I stumble across those photos of people having lost 20+kg and having left over skin on belly and legs. And then I look at my plans, which clearly is to in total lose 20-25kg. And then I look into the mirror and see how much skin my belly will hopefully somewhen not be needing anymore, and then it is there. Okay. But how the hell can I get rid off it and what if it is not straightening itself on its own and what if I look like shit after my weightloss? You have these photos on your mind and then immediately my head starts spinning and my thoughts go nuts.

My cremes, my sports, my natural additional pills to ensure my body gets the best support…and yet I doubt. Because no matter how you try to believe in things going well, you will read reports from others where it simply was not the way and you will always find some part of it apply to you aswell. It it insane, you immediately start comparing your own progress with theirs and wonder if their outcome will be yours. It is devastating at times, and really causes fears. Because why would I work my ass off for years to not be able to wear a bikini or tight clothing afterwards again? What if I then stand there and have no idea what to do? I´ve never been a fan of plastic surgery, because I´ve always been having the opinion that there is another way how to solve problems and “it´s all about attitude”. It kinda sucks though, that I changed my thoughts, wait no – something in me changed these thoughts. I didn´t do it knowingly, I just noticed it the other day.

And don´t get me wrong – I still do not support it when you want bigger boobs or fake whatsoever. It´s about having worked your ass (or eg belly) off and then being stuck with something you probably hate just as much as when you were so much heavier. It´s not why you worked hard, it´s not what youw ant to have as a result of all this hard work. I still have hope for myself and work hard that this hope will remain and it will be reality, but I swear I will never judge people thinking about plastic surgery after having changed their bosy so much with tons of hard work. Being in this weightloss process and facing all these fears has changed me – I can now so relate to many problems, worries and things I never thought I could´ve ever achieved without it all. Sounds positive, right?

And…last but not least, a REQUEST – if you got some tipps on how to make the best out of the skin whilst losing weight, leave a comment. I would totally appreciate it. Tipps on brushes, massages, cremes, whatever worked for you 🙂


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