Pole Condition Circuit (12.05.2016)

After having not felt too well when it comes to my neck, I was really wanting to cancel this lesson but seeing that not even half of the places were filled, I dragged myself to the studio, worrying my neck could totally screw up.

I was still feeling pain before the lesson, but more and more during the exercises it got better and better and afterwards my neck felt more relaxed and less stiff than before – which really surprised me.

The warm-up

I am used to a killer warm up for my pole dancing lessons, so this warm up was kinda based on what we usually do in those, but far less exhausting and I was not sweated, I partially still didn´t feel warm, but maybe that was the case because I was not wearing socks – only had my pole dancing socks with me and those really would have not been of any help.

The Circuit

We did 1 round, every of the 11 exercises lasted 1.5 minutes, and the exercises were focussing on legs, arms and core strength. Usually nothing that would set me in problem mode, but I was surprised what exercises we did and how much of a bitch they could be. And how long 1.5 minutes could ever be, when needing to keep going and going and then you hear “only 30 seconds left!” – ONLY? For some of the exercises it felt like a lifetime, others were rather relaxing because I do those every week at home anyways.

The things for legs were pretty easy on me, though afterwards my legs told me something different – usually my legs are strong, but since I started pole dancing, my legs are the least trained body part. Trying to make up for it now in summer by biking a lot and as much as possible.

What I really need to get back to again more is working on my abs and partially core strength. My abs were not worked on lately much, and i really felt it. I felt like an idi0t, knowing how well it once went and how easy sit ups and anything related was for me. Core strength and such has improved though, yet there of course is potential to improve it, especially in connection with my upper back which still feels rather stff – though the teacher was surprised how flexible I am there. I still feel like having a stick as a spine in that area, so frustrating. Especially with the sore muscles and pain in the back after such exercises.

Stretching stuff was easy on me, leg splits and anything related is something I also do quite a bit at home, so that exercise was easy, the arm exercises were ok-ish aswell, and it felt good to only have one exercise being something actually on the pole. Clearing the mind was good, really needed since I am still on “my way to recovery” when it comes to getting back to strength on the pole itself.


A ll in all it was an hour of good and solid workout, with learning exercises that I can also partially do at home to keep strengthening the body parts I need most for my pole dancing time.


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