4 months with FitBit

I bought my FitBit Flex tracker from last year´s Christmas money (and at first I was not really sure if I was going to be wearing it anough so that it would be worth its price), and from January on I´ve been, with very little exceptions, wearing the wristband each and every day to have it track how active I was.

And of course it´s also been motivating, because if you see you haven´t reached your goal yet (8km, 10.000 steps, 30min active ever day), you really start thinking about taking a walk home instead of the bus or doing some extra gymnastics or whatsoever.

It´s not really been easy with Hamburg weather, because going for walks at least for me requires a decent weather, and Hamburg and decent weather…well, let´s not get started about this.

But now have some stats, week by week, for the time from Week 1 of January until end of April – 16 weeks.


Steps I did during one week (goal: 70.000)

Distance I walked during one week (goal: 56km)

Active minutes per week (goal: 210 minutes)

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