Flexibility Lesson (17.05.2016)

To be honest, when I booked this class I was all convinced and positive about it. When the day actually came, all I wanted was…sleep. Again. It´s always the same with those courses that are rather late in the evening. And I was really not sure if me, aka mrs unflexible, really should do this class as my neck and shoulder muscles were stiff as a stick already beforehand.

And I did not expect it to be so sweaty and with so much moving and no breaks and…it really was some kind of “power flexibility”, and I was immediately sweated and regretting that I had chosen a pair of long trousers instead of my shorts.

The lesson basically did not show me much more than what I had already known:

  • My upper back is stiff as fuck, and whatever I try to bend backwards, it just does not work. Yes, before you even ask, it´s frustrating and I am sure that last year´s accident did quite a bit worsen these problems.
  • Bending forwards is no problem, works really well and during the lesson even better than it usually does – maybe because the warm-up was longer and more intense than mine is at home.

But now comes the surprise:

  • Only about 5cm were missing for a proper split. I mean, I know was getting more and more flexible with it as I am working on it here and there at home, but THAT far down? Wow, honestly, I was seriously impressed with myself and the plan is to clearly keep working on this. It´s like my motivation screamed: I wanna work on this, this is what I want, work on it, go for it! So how could I say no there?


Whilst I was unmotivated before the lesson, I was in a weird mix between frustrated about my back stiffness and totally happy and enthusiastic about the split success – I know I have quite some work ahead but I am really willing to walk that road, hoping that during the next timetable there will be an 8 weeks course for it…


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