One Pot Pasta

When I started reading about it everywhere on the inetrnet, I was sighing and thinking “yet another food trend I will clearly not follow”. I managed to avoid this for quite a while (proud of me) but when on Saturday I was in pain and really did not want to screw with many cooking items, I thought that this was the time to try it. In the worst case I could throw it away and start from new – surely a waste of money in terms of food, but well…worth a try.

Let´s start with what you need:

  • A pot (rather take a bigger one instead of then realizing it is too small – depending especially on how much pasta you´re taking)
  • Pasta of your choice
  • Vegetables (I chose bell peppers, onion, mungo beans, tomato and zucchini)
  • Spices (chili, pepper, oregano and a thai curry mixure)
  • I also added some sauce powder because just tomato was not enough for me to get a neat sauce out of the whole
  • And some tuna – but you can also add meat or other fish, just as you like
  • Water for cooking the whole

And how to do this now?

  • Throw everything into the same pot
  • Add the water bits by bits, rather take too little at the start than too much so that the vegetables are not getting all watery later on
  • Have it slightly boil for 8-11minutes (I did it for 5min with a closed pot and afterwards opened it to get rid off the extra water )

Are you waiting for more isntructions? Well, then you will keep searching because it is as easy as it sounds – and I was really surprised how tasty it is. This clearly will become the food for stressful days where I really do not want to be cooking.

Surely it is not perfect if you want to have everything on the point, but for lazy asses like me it really is an alternative to big cooking and then afterwards needing to clean everything (or move it to the weekend and then ignoring it and…you get the point, I suppose).

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