HSH Nordbank Run 2016 (18th June)

Let´s face it – me and running? Yeah I know, I see you laughing and falling off your chair whilst reading this. I can totally relate to this reaction, because I am still not fully sure what to think about me going for runs and all of this.

But you know, this run is for a good cause, and that´s literally the only reason how to get me to participate in anything like this. A few weeks ago I was thinking like…shit, this run is coming closer with such bigs steps and I haven´t been out for runs in…months. Or even longer. Panic creeped up my body, and I decided to here and there go for a run until this “event”.

But let´s first look back to school times – I had asthmatic issues after running for like 200m, and needed around 9 minutes for 1 kilometer. Yes, I am not kidding and have not been mistyping. I sucked at running big time, and being the slowest one and having teachers not understand my problems killed the possible fun that you could experience when going for runs. It was all about pressure and everyone else laughing about me. This is why I never understood how people could possibly enjoy this sport. So now, around 10 years later, with quite some weight less on my hips again, being more sporty and having mostly kicked asthma´s ass, I thought I would give it another try. Even if it was just for the sake of doing this run.

And I realized that it is quite a nice stress relief, even though my lungs and my whole body are far from being used to this kind of sports. But…I started off with my ~2.5km runs and had a time of 8minutes for 1km. Shitty and frustrating, but I kept going. I was down to 6:51min per kilometer, which I somehow still wasn´t too happy about.

And then the day of the HSH Nordbank Run came – 18th June, starting time at 9.50am on a Saturday, meaning to get up at 7.40am. I was grumpy and annoyed and felt like dropping dead immediately. And I just had one goal: out of everyone from my company I did not want to be the last one to cross the finish line. The first 2km went rather smooth, and then I twisted my ankle running up some stairs. Walking, and then forcing myself back to running – noticing that not only my ankle but also the skin on the inside of my foot was hurting (noticed at home that my shoe is so sucky that it had ripped off the skin partially) but I was pushing myself again and again.

And the FitBit app I used was really helpful – I got every 500meters my time and the total distance and total time. And I was surprised – it was always around 6:55min per kilometer, in the end it was ~4.11km in 28:19min, making it 6:53min per kilometer. If I would have not twisted my ankle and had needed to walk, I´d have had a new personal best of below 6:50min/km.

And you know what? I was in the middle grounds for people to arrive – rather at the end of the first group if you would split this. And it really made me stunned and fucking proud, because I had nothing like this expected. And you know what? This keeps me going, I will keep running – after having bought new and proper running shoes because these might be nice for a workout at gym but not for running.


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