Pole Dancing – Technique 1 & what´s to come

Oh man, this course was…yes it was helpful the few times that I actually attended, this right at the start needs to be told.

It´s been a timetable full of frustration for me, but frustration thatw as not even related to pole dancing itself – rather to public transport, injuries and sickness that prevented me from actually attending the course that I think I really needed in order to clear the mind from all possible pressure to give a great performance. Because this is what destroyed the course before for me, this inner need to be just performing great, as usual. The fun had vanished and was replaced by pressure that then just killed my strength.

But exactly this strength actually returned during my technique lessons, bits by bits, baby steps, and one at a time. Hardly noticable at the start, but for me visible quite a lot at the end – the strength in my arms and shoulders was back, and the fun was aswell – I was all smiley during the lessons and after, and already this was quite a success for me.

But as mentioned, injuries and sickness kinda made me ditch half of the lessons, and this is the downside of it , I took a lot of replacement lessons in other courses because nothing else was fitting time-wise.

And then there was the new timetable, with Rock the Pole 2 – exactly what I had hoped for, what I had voted for. I was all happy, until the point where they posted the song we´d be dancing to – ACDC “Highway to Hell”. The most overrated and over-played song of all times for me, a song that gets me annoyed within the first minute of playtime. So I had to ditch this course, simply because I was sick and tired of dancing to songs that I did not like at all.

What I am doing instead? An 8 weeks course in flexibility, because this clearly is one of my major weaknesses, looking at the fact I am stiff like a …I don´t even know what would be the best comparison there ^^

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