Flashback – Vacations – All about the food

You know me, right? Me and food, this is like a passionate love affair, always has been and during my stay in Syvota is kinda woke up again, ignoring all Weightwatchers rules and points and stuff like this, and just enjoying the food at the hotel.

And it wasn´t me if I wasn´t sharing this great experience!

And to be fair, I really had planned to be eating something different every evening but I failed – because certain dishes were just too great.

Saganaki (Baked feta cheese)

This probably was my very fave starter dish, simply because I am generally in love with feta cheese as such and then having i baked and with spices and warm…just too good, and the size of the dish was just right, not too heavy, nicely light so also suitable for really warm evenings!


To be fair, I am not entirely sure in how far this is really Greek food, I´d say it is something that has a nice German touch with it, combined with bruscetta and seemingly Greece´s fave ingredients, tzatziki and feta cheese. I am not sure if this really is a starter, because once you´re done with this, you can hardly manage a full plate of the main dish, at least this was my experience – you do finish it nevertheless, because it is so freaking tasty that you do not want to lose a single bite of it! (Funfact: just when researching about typical Greek dishes, I found out it does have a Greek name: Dakos)


Feta, again. This time as a dip. So already a good basis to build up on for my taste, and it really worked well – you have the feta taste, but combined with a really spicy portion, maybe some oil and/or pepperoni or something related, I really don´t know. But together with bread really tasty, maybe just a dish for people aswell.

Tuna salad

You probably think “oh, how creative” – and yeah, you do not need to invent the wheel from scratch if you can simply build on what works. It´s a salad with coleslaw, tomato, tuna and a bit of tzatziki aswell, and unfortunately also cucumber (the second time I ordered it without this). And just the right size of a portion for a starter on a really hot day.


Yes, you can also order just a bit of the coleslaw, and because it tastes so fucking great and fresh and totally not sweet like the stuff you get in Germany (there´s worlds in between), it was a starter for me that I ordered when I wanted something to overcome the waiting time for the main dish, but not worry about being able to finish it then lateron.

Gyros plate

A clasic to start with – gyros, rice, potato fries, tzaziki, onions – it´s been a good sized plate with really soft and tasty meet, accompanied by fries that had some herbs and spices on them making those nearly addictive and the standard onions and tzaziki- NIce and round dish, all good!

Suzukakia Smirneika

The dish consists of minced meat rolls from the oven with spaghetti and tomato-garlic sauce. First off, the spaghetti were thinner and more firm ones than what I usually know as spaghetti and fuck it’s been so much better! The minced meat rolls were really nicely done, not too tight mashed together but just right, nicely accompanied with spices and such…same for the tomato sauce where I have no clue what was also in there, making it really extra tasty.

Pizza al tonno

Pizza might not be traditionally Greek, but this pizza really was different, as it had a different dough than the one we usually have here in Germany. And it was good – small, but tasty and really nicely filling, especially because dough and also cheese really worked well together. Also the rest of the ingredients really worked well together – thumbs up!


Rice noodles with really soft beef meat, the noodles were really interesting in between rice and noodles but so tasty with the cheese spread over it, the beef meat was so soft it really tell into pieces when you stabbed it with the fork. It was quite a big amount of food but so good and nicely balanced that it could have not been better.

Maccaroni aio olio feta

The dish was a tiny bit dry and I am not a fan of the added olives, but after adding just a few drops of oil it was just perfect unless your partner hates garlic, then you should keep your hands off this dish – or book a separate bed for the night ^^

Bifteki gemisto

It was bifteki filled with cheese (probably some feta cheese or goat cheese I would actually guess from the taste and consistancy), some with some rice with tomato sauce, a bigger amount of fries and, surprise, tzatziki. The meat was just amazing, just perfect amount of being cooked through but still quite firm around the cheese, but the maybe tiny downside of it – at least for a hot sommer – was that it was massive due to its cheese filling.


It was meat on a spit covered with crispy bacon and a spicy tomato sauce, accompanied by fries – truly a great combination of tastes from the meat and bacon, as well as the sauce giving it a spicy yet suitable taste and a bit of moisture to the meat.

Filet from the sole

The fish filet was served with potatos from the pan and a tiny bit of tzatziki. The fish was really good, as the panade was crispy and thin and really not fat or full of oil at all, and the potatos were nice and crispy yet not dry. Nevertheless, overall the plate has been a bit dry somehow something has been missing – like a bit of sauce or something giving it a bit of moisture, the tzatziki really couldn´t fully compensate this.


It´s a maccaroni casserole with minced meat, bechamel sauce and cheese – prepared in the oven. It´s quite a bit of food that you get there, and I really couldn´t manage to finish this because it does make you full pretty quickly and is quite a heavy dish for warm temperatures.
But still so good – yet it felt it was nothing too extraordinary and Greek somehow.

Barbecue Evening

It looks like a lot of meat? Yes, it is – steak, meat on the spit as well as sausages, all nicely done from the grill! And for the side dish there is always something you can find – I was really into this rice with veggies of some kind, tasted really nice even though it  was cold. Also the potato salad tasted really nice, though totally different to what we know as potato salad in Germany. And you really had a lot of possibilities what to choose from!


I really need to admit this – I lost my heart to this actually rather simple dish – but the taste is just really good, with cinnamon and semolina as well as puff pastry.

Accompanied with cold vanilla ice cream the warm Galaktoboureko is a nice contract – warm meets cold and what a taste explosion…I am totally in love!

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