Flashback – Vacations – 27/28.06.2016 – A 12h trip

Imagine the following – it is the evening of 27th of June, and whilst it is pouring outside, you close your suitcase full of summer clothing and drag it to the train station, to go to main station and then hop onto the train to Hannover for going to the airport.

You might thing that this is all my own fault, but go figure, Condor, our airline, had moved the flight from Hamburg to Hannover doubling the duration of the journey to Syvota, Greece.

Hannover airport…well, it clearly will not be winning the award of my fave airport, rather of my least liked and appreciated airport. Cold and windy inside, too little seating possibilities and basically 75% of the stores closed. Okay okay it was after midnight, but still. It was annoying, no doubt. My mood clearly suffered and I was just happy once we were on board of the plane, putting in my earphones and relaxing to the sound of good music whilst trying to sleep – impossible if the other side of the row leaves the window blind open through which the sun is shining and reflecting right into your face. No, not a mood improver. Clearly not! Arrived in Corfu and boom – warm and humid. I felt like running against a wall when leaving the plane to get to the baggage clam.

Then we needed to go to the port for the ferry to Igoumenitsa and wanted to save money and go by bus..the bus didn’t come and we were already so dead after being awake for like 24 hours that we took a cab instead, which was a good choice because we then still made the 9am ferry after the cab driver kinda pushed us to be faster and rushed to the ferry. 1.5 hours of ferry time, and fuck, I saw a dolphin o.O I am not kidding but this made me fully awake at least for a moment until my body went in strike and I was terribly freezing and feeling sick and everything.

Then we were picked up by the hotel bus, and whilst we were going to the hotel, I felt like seeing ghosts and zombies when seeing these roads! Roads that I will need to be soon using during the two days of driving around and doing sightseeing. It really pulled away the ground underneath my feet, at least it felt like it. In the hotel we then just grabbed some food and then dropped into bed, not feeling well at all. Napping napping and napping and then a little walk to the small harbour in town before having the first dinner here and starting to relax.

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