Flashback – Vacations – 29.06.2016 – Hello moquitos, fresh blood!

Day two here in Syvota, starting off with an early breakfast. Go figure, it is only on until 10 am which really does suck for me because during vacations I actually don’t feel like getting up at 8-something to have breakfast at 9…nope, no go! But the breakfast was at a least good and thus we also were ready to be driven to another beach with some more of the people that actually stay here. Nice service, short ride, next time we can also walk there and back. But today we are lazy and also spent full 7 hours at the beach with tanning, napping and swimming in the sea.

The water was surprisingly fresh (aka fuck i froze my ass off when going in there at first) but the water itself is so clear and beautiful…just amazing. Just like the beach itself, even though Ihate that it is more of a stone beach than a sandy beach, my feet hurt like hell because of having sensitive skin there and walking over those stones again and again really killed my nerves quite a bit. What also really shocks me is how media addicted young people nowadays are – looking at all these mostly young girls clinging to there phones and even tablets…I will never understand this, I just took a few snapshots and needed the time here and there but that’s it about when I used my phone during this time.

In the evening we once again raided the supermarket next door for water, because the temperatures just make you drink all the time . Well, at least you should be doing this.

Afterwards we did have our nice and sweet dinner again, before going for a walk to the harbour again, me equipped with my camera this time for a change. Really needed to start taking photos if I wanted to kinda document our vacations a bit more…

Oh and did I mention that I got my first three little mosquito bites? Well go figure, those fuckers simply seem to love me for whatever reason. Cannot tell how much I wish they would hate me and my blood but nope, I am not lucky enough for this. I really hope that this biteaway thingy I bought on Amazon does the trick so I won’t end up facing real troubles again…

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