Flashback – Vacations – 30.06.2016 – Stones everywhere

Breakfast time means “omg what do I eat?” time, kinda. Because after the bread rolls and cheese and such I was actually full but I still had the curd and the amazing pancakes…I could never ever say no to those, simply impossible!

Beach time baby! But a different beach today as my feet were pretty much done and fu!ll of little holes from Mega Ammos Beach with all its shitty stones everywhere. And this little beach just a tad further away than the harbour is pretty nice, like, it has less stones – still not my dream beach but pretty neat except for needing to pay for the sunshade and the music being rather annoying after a while. But the water there was really so clear  and bright and…yes I loved it, really.

But somehow after a few hours I just wanted to get back to our room because I really had enough of sunshine and everything and was really tired all of a sudden. After a few metres of walking we were lucky enough that our hotel owner came along with his car and thus gave us a ride – otherwise it would really have been a tough time walking back in the boiling heat.

Afterwards we went for the pharmacy to buy some stuff that supposedly scares off mosquitos, because already having a few bites I really had enough of it already. Expensive and an odd pharmacy (someone in there smoked o.O) buy the ice cream I bought (chocolate and forest berries) was so good it all made up for it ^^


Back at the hotel, it was barbecue time – and man what an overload of meat, I probably never ate so much meat in one evening to be fair. But hey, if it is good, then you just gotta enjoy this 😉


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