Flashback – Vacations – 01.07.2016 – Parga

It is around 9 am, and we are dragging ourselves down the stairs for the great breakfast buffet, desperately trying to find a table without sun kissing us awake. Big breakfast for me again, focus today on sweet stuff like the pancakes and the marmalade and curd. Great combination, makes you not long for sweets anymore for the rest of the day. And yes it does work! At least for me…

Then around 11am we started our trip to Parga – the streets going by the coast, a lot of serpentines which I personally really wouldn’t like to be driving on my own. Was scary enough to sit in the little bus and go all the way up to Ali Pasha Castle – I wouldn’t even call this a street anymore, bloody hell! But this view from there, so good. I love ruins of castles and all of this in general, and once it has a stunning view it gets even more fascinating. To be fair, at first I really thought that this would have been Parga Castle, not knowing we were still quite a ride away from Parga and its castle.

Once arrived in Parga, it was nearly noon – and temperatures were up to I think 37°C – to be fair, most of this town was pretty ugly and consisting of only sales booths, so really not fancy. Aside from the nice harbour and water color, which was sooooo inviting. To recover a little we stopped at a little cafe/cocktail lounge called “Sugar Bar”, having a nice and fresh fruit cocktail whilst looking at the nice water.

And then Parga Castle – the elderly in the bus that came from our hotel to Parga aswell said it would not be worth the effort to go up there, but how wrong they were. It was quite a struggle to get up that hill in the burning noon sun. It was bloody hell but so worth it because the view was simply priceless. So good, no doubts.

The ride back then later on felt like it was taking forever, I was in the sun all the time and it really started to get me, didn’t feel too well anymore. Once back, I grabbed some stuff and went to the nearest beach for a quick swim, and I think that amount of sun there was that bit too much. Felt shaky and dizzy afterwards, dinner was able to fix most of it but not all – headache pill for the win. And much water.


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