Flashback – Vacations – 02.07.2016 – Mega Ammos Beach

Another day, the same beach. Kinda. Mega Ammos it was again, but this time we actually walked there because we didn’t want to get up so early and then hurry with breakfast to take the van there. It was pretty funny to walk because there is a sign stating the beach would be only like 300m away…yeah right, at this point you still have 1.5km and not 300 metres, but…close enough 😉

The swimming is really doing a good job for my shoulders and my neck, even though my muscles do ache from time to time because they are not used to all of the swimming anymore which essentially is a shame. But swimming in the sea is just so much more fun than swimming in a swimming hall, so no one will get me to keep up with swimming much once we’re back home in Hamburg again.

Walking back then in the afternoon was no fun anymore though – here it really feels as if the sun was burning your skin off starting at around 3pm…and…you need to walk uphill quite a bit.

I was really done once arriving at the hotel, no chance for moving anymore at all…

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