Flashback – Vacations – 03.07.2016 – Down in a cave

Until the morning we believed we would go and see the Nekromantio today and then hit a beach close by – but you gotta be flexible and embrace surprises, because the plan was changed and the new one was to go to Ioannina and also to the stalactite cave. It was a great change somehow because I had really wanted to go there but since we cancelled the car it was a nice thing to do.

So it was breakfast and then re-packing the backpack and everything. Have I mentioned already that it starts to be annoying to cover yourself in sunscreen every day. My skin also really is annoying because it is drying out a lot…

But yeah, another day spending a lot of time in the hotel’s van, together with some more people from the hotel…I have become a tad anti social, thus the fewer people, the better. But this time it was not cramped full so all relaxed.

Arriving at the cave, 1100m with a 45° steep walk up the stairs in 18°C of temperature awaited us. And a “no photographing” sign which always pisses me off because I do not need to use flash so I will not destroy anything by  using flash or additional sources of light. And being the bitch I am, I still used my phone camera for the few shots that you can see here in the blog entry because I wanted to document it at least a bit because it’s been a great experience. Last time i was in one I was a kid and clearly it had been not been as big as this one today.

Afterwards we went to grab some food and then wanted to go to the city center of Ioannina to walk around for a bit but we didn’t get far because we heard a weird noise and then realised we had a flat tire so it was time for another break. A break that soon became one in the rain and lightning because all of a sudden the weather changed…crazy stuff.

What made the first change easier was that one of the hotel guests was a car technician ^^ but yeah so that made the actual stay in Ioannina shorter but to be fair…it wasn’t much of a loss because even Parga was looking better than this town that clearly had seen better times than the current ones. Kinda disappointing somehow. so far most places I saw really were not what I expected, but maybe I am just spoiled by islands or so. I really don’t know.

The drive back then really killed me, I hadn’t been drinking enough and the humid heat and the sun shining right onto me through the car window was knocking me out and killing my circulation – man was I happy when after around 1.5h we were back at the hotel again and I was able to drink, grab a bite and get rid off my sweaty clothes to cool down under the shower….

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