Flashback – Vacations – 05.07.2016 -Enter the boat!

Another rather early day and nope, no beach! Instead a free boat tour on a nice old looking small boat with Greek wine and Greek music, sunshine and mostly nice company. I ended up sitting on the front part of the boat for the best view, worth it to be slightly burned from the sun for some time and really nice shots from e.g. the blue lagoon (also called “piscina” due to its color) and some little caves that the boat driver entered with us. To be fair, having trust issues with people I really don’t know, I was thinking if we were gonna play Titanic when entering the first cave but…heeeey I can write this, thus we all survived!

Afterwards we were so sweated and feeling done, that we did pretty much nothing but relaxing until the later afternoon where we went to the stone beach shortly after the harbour for a quick dip into the sea to refresh and swim a bit – with those terribly hot temperatures that we had lately you really get used to spend as much time in the cold sea as possible – funfact: the weather forecast never really gets it right, we had like 40°C in the sun yesterday, but it just showed we would have around 30…well, yeah, good job.

Anyways, the dip in the sea felt good, I really enjoy swimming here though I am still not happy about looking down to the ground of the sea and see what is there – especially when it is huge plates of stone where you really do wonder what could be hiding underneath…

After dinner we went to the bakery opposite the hotel because they did not have my fave dessert today and I was pretty heartbroken to be fair…

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