Flashback – Vacations – 06.07.2016 – Tan when you can

Sleeping in a bit, though the night really was not anywhere close to being good enough to be all relaxed and fit – but at least we went to my fave beach (shit thing is that it costs to have a place there) and man I just love the water there because you can far better see there is nothing scary down there 😉

At some point my head started hurting, maybe a combination of the sun and not drinking enough, having slept pretty badly and having had an Ouzo and wine last evening…lord knows what caused this but I really felt shitty, so I got myself a chicken club sandwich with fries and was surprised how good that actually was. Together with water and a painkiller my state improved, though the headache was kinda just luring around and waiting to get over me again.

Then, after being inspired by the beautiful corners of the area, we wanted to go and rent a little boat but one with a steering wheel because the other one is shitty to handle. Only problem is that they do not rent those with a steering wheel to inexperienced people because they have a stronger engine and could go faster than the “beginner boats”, so..frustrating as fuck to say the least.

Dinner then was….good because I got my dessert wuhoooooo I am just so in love with it, really gotta try to make it myself then in Germany…don’t wanna do without it 😀

Now we are watching the first semi final of the soccer European championship and trying out some be things from the bakery so we know what to take with us tomorrow on the next trip 😉


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