Flashback – Vacations – 08.07.2016 – Exploring offshore beaches

You are expecting yet another Blog Post on spending a day on the beach? Well then you are halfway right because it is also about beaches. But not solely.

In the morning we and another German couple from our hotel teamed up to rent a little motorboat for the day to cruise around and go to other beaches – it was good to have someone knowing how to handle the boat, alone I would have been totally overtaxed because of never having handled such a thing before (good god that we did not rent on in our own).

But yes, I also learned to drive this boat and everything, and it was quite fun. But well, first things first.

So we started off this one beach and besides the fact that the engine was pretty loud (yay american engine) everything was good so we started our trip and went to the first beaches and everything, hung out, swam and noticed we really wanted some snorkeling gear because the water and underwater world was inviting us to do that. And “funnily” enough, right after having decided this, the pipe going from tank to engine loosened, so we needed to hold it to where it was supposed to be sticking to the engine and go back to the beach – we girls were thrown up on a mission to get the snorkeling gear and some food whilst the guys went to get the boat fixed or rather get a new one how it went in the end.

Then we hopped on again and part 2 of the day started with a slower boat but one with a better and quieter engine that also made it easier to navigate than the old one did.

So we went to quite some more beaches, saw many fishes and also pretty huge ones… I was surprised how not scared they were of me, I was lying in the water and often had fishes coming right at me and stopping just a few centimetres away from my snorkeling mask and head, looking at me calmly. At the last beach I even was able to touch one fish, weird ones…but nice looking ones. Also saw some shells and everything, googling in the evening and trying to find out what we actually saw there in the end.

Highlight probably was driving into one of the caves where we also had been with that boat tour and then jumping into the water, though I really gotta admit I am no fan of going into water where I do not know how deep it is and what is waiting there for me – plus having rocks nearby also didn’t make it better. But what counts in the end is that I did it and it was really an experience, around 7meters the water was deep and really clear, some some fish and crabs and such stuff…was cool, but I was happy when I was on the boat again.

Once the day was over, we both got a lift back to the hotel luckily, the sun had been burning us all day long so walking for half an hour would have been a killer. Talking about sun and burning…hello sunburn, you motherfucker! My back looks like a damned Danish flag now due to how my bikini is structured and where the sun burnt my skin…but hell it was worth it!

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