Flashback – Vacations – 10.07.2016 – Walking up the river

Long awaited and then finally there, the day of the river walk in river Acheron, walking towards the springs.

We dove there for like 1.5h hours, then changed and got into the freaking cold water – because where we started, there was a little spring with really cold water. The stream  was already there making me wonder how it will be in course of the walk, same for the temperature that made my muscle be really unwilling to move at all.

But once out of the area of that spring, the water got “warmer”, meaning you didn’t freeze everything off. Still cold but manageable, and the more you had to move the less a problem it became actually. And that breathtaking view did the rest, it was just great – the mostly really crystal clear water and the waterside and the river even had little trouts in it o.O

But yeah, after a while the water got deeper and I was hardly able to stand, and then the parts came where it was really necessary to have a guide with us (our driver and person from the hotel), otherwise it really might have ended quite bloody. Partially I really struggled because the stream was so extreme that you literally swam and swam and realised you didn’t get anywhere. And more dangerous it was when you needed to cross the river but had it going downhill with loads of stones behind you – forming a human chain with the guys in the group helped, but still at some point I slipped on the last step of crossing the river and fell into my generally bitchy left knee after having hit my toes thanks to stones already a zillion times and scratched my hand at a branch that was under water…and cut open a bit of my legs, nothing big but still. The knee was the main issue but giving up is no choice so I continued and it really was a struggle, yet I tried to enjoy this experience because it’s nothing that you get to do every day.

At some point we didn’t go any further because of having kids in our round, it would have been too dangerous to do the last part to the spring, and i can totally live with that because by then I was already pretty exhausted and happy about a break before walking back which was not much easier than walking there – it is nice to go with the flow but…stones!

Once out if the water the pain really kicked in and I couldn’t move my knee much anymore, so the rest of the day was rather unpleasant and I couldn’t really enjoy it much anymore…

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