Flashback – Vacations – 11.07.2016 – Time to pack up

Last full day here in Syvota, and to be fair, it could have been better because initially we had planned to go and see the Vikos Schlucht, but as my knee was far from good, we had to ditch it and instead do a really relaxed time with just a quick visit to the closest beach and some souvenir shopping, whilst in the evening it was all about packing and how the hell to pack fragile things to ensure that they do not break into zillion pieces – I mean, let’s place it, we all know and have seen how airport staff treats suitcases and bags.

My heart literally drops every time when I see it, though I gotta be honest, it got better compared to the last year’s somehow. If maybe my sense for “oh my god this is bad” has changed with experience and things seen.

The cold sea water did good to my knee, even though that good faded away  rather quickly when I had to out weight on it again – it is just SO annoying .

Same goes for the ever growing amount of damned mosquito bites that I collected on my legs and now also feet since my anti-mosquito stickers are all used up since yesterday and the damned animals can now all come over me again and enjoy my seemingly freaking tasty blood. Bastards.


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