Flashback – Vacations – 07.07.2016 – River oh so blue

Shame on me, I totally forgot to really write a diary entry on this day when still in Sivota, so I also missed out on actually writing this blog entry, but now I need to catch up because the day is worth it writing about it.

Ammoudia – I had seen photos before and thought they´re all just nicely edited, you know, photoshop makes dull worlds beautfiful.

But after a longer ride (we passed by a lake fully covered with sea roses, all closed but still – how is that even possible?) we finally made it to the river and the river delta, settling first for a quick drink and food before we then went onto the boat for a trip up the river and also on the sear for an hour.

And the colors – I was really stunned, not only about the colors, the plants but also about the animals. It was so great to watch, and though I initially had planned to stay out of the sun to spare my skin, I ended up photographing a lot in the hot sun, not caring anymore. Because…sunburn passes by, and so does this trip and experience and I wanted to take it all in. Take photos to capture and spread this beauty, as much as possible. It was hot, sweaty and after a while my head started hurting from the sun, but once we got onto the sea and there was more wind, it immediately improved – but was a challenge to photograph on a boat that´s going up and down all the time. Try focussing there…it´s been a challenge but nothing is impossible, and having the wind blowing in my face and twisting my hair…i just loved it.

And you know what made the trip also really good? A beach. A beach NOT with stones but with fucking SAND! Finally I didn´t need any swimming shoes anymore to into the water (I will not mention now the piece of shit that was floating around there…ups, too late).

And that beach and the water was how I always remembered beaches around GReece – you were slowly getting deeper into the water, you had waves and waves to jumo into and pretty warm overall water. It was not a long stay at the beach because we stillhad quite a drive back to Sivota, but just right to refresh and cool down a bit before hopping back into the van.

And after this exhausting day, it was time for a shower, some time to lay back on the bed and then – attack attack on the grill because it was barbecue time again!


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