Always on Sunday (2)

Another week is over, and I have no idea where time went. I am so crazy busy with just everything, that somehow I hardly get anything done and relaxing and turning off the mind is a thing that simply does not work for me. Well, I get home and once I am all done I already need to go to bed again, so no time at all to relax. Instead I drop into bed dead tired every evening, and once there is weekend it is over far too fast again ^^

// Seen // Too many graphics on boats with their light signals and signals and lighting tons and…you get the drill, right? Too much tries to learn for theoretical and practical exam and…I´ve seen too much -.-

// Listened to // A lot of Apocalyptica actually, because my nerves are really short time before breaking so I need music that gives me comfort, and then Apocalyptica is my first choice. Again, it´s “Shadowmaker” in regards of a single track, it has helped me in the past, and this week it did and still does again. Eases the stress at least a tiny little bit for a while.

// Done // Yes, I am done with this week. But…I went for runs, went to work (surprise), was cooking, taking hot baths, editing photos, blogging, everything around my boating license…I don´t know. I am doing too much and cannot wait for it to slow down and again and being able to just relax on thne couch and be lazy.

// Eaten // Sad but true, but I had to check my phone´s gallery to actually remember what I had – One post pasta, quite a bit of yoghurt (soy or lactose free), a lot of fruits at the office with cereals, and such – I really try to get back to healthy eating habits, so I am having a closer eye on what I eat and should be eating. Not always fun but I need to regulate this onjce more to lose weight again…Maybe I should start using recipes for new inspiration.

// Thought // I am full of anxiety at the moment, when it comes to work, relationship, my own personal development, my future, my weightloss…my brain seemingly has too much ideas on worst case scenarios, and it´s really driving me crazy.

// Happy about // Going to Berlin for the weekend from 19th to 21st August for soccer and sightseeing, together with my boyfriend and seeing family 😀

// Read // Basically only theoretical stuff and books for my boating licences, because the clock is ticking and I somehow hardly get to read and learn all the stuff that I need for the really strict theoretical and practical exams on August 13th, initially. I am pretty desperate to be fair, because I have no idea how to master especially the navigation part with calculations and drawing on maps. And this is why I decided yesterday to take another month and go in there all relaxed and give myself more time.

// Angry about // Myself. For being this moody bitchy being lately. I am annoyed about myself so often, oh and: angry about not having gotten the apartment that I so wanted to have, but no…of course not.

// Wished for // The week to be over fast – it really hasn´t been my week and I hope that next week is really oing to be better than the current one, though it´s not gonna be a less stressful one unfortunately.

// Dreamt about // My boyfriend and me doing a cruise, doing snorkeling and everything after me having passed the boating license. Unrealistic, yep. But hey, that´s what dreams really are for somehow.

// Bought // Plane ticket, train ticket, did reservations for hotels in France – I will be hitting France in November for Apocalyptica and finally found some time and will to take care of all the bookings now that it at least is still rather affordable. I just had forgotten that the distance Hamburg – France is a tad bigger than Cologne-France…still lacking the train or whatever ticket from France back to Hamburg, as I am not really sure how to do it…bye bye money.

// Clicked // Gerolsteiner Fitness Challenge – another challenge from Gerolsteiner, who there supplies you with water again for a week and thus supports you with water matching the workout. If you´re one of the lucky ones at least who wins the water 😉

// Statement of the week // “You can do it” (former university teacher on me struggling with the navigation part of the boating license)


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