1000km & 13h in a car – showtime again

I still remember how this trip unfolded…I saw that Apocalyptica was playing in Chemnitz and bought my ticket. And then I was like “okay, so how to get there? Oh, it´s not in the centre so…” – and booked the car. Just a bit before the actual trip I noticed what kind of a trip I had ahead of me, on my own. Noone wanted to join so I jumped into the car on this Friday at 8.30am in Hamburg, and my GPS had decided that it was going to make this trip a living hell for me.

But let´s start from where we start. So yeah, instead of a normal car I had booked, I upgraded kinda to a Diesel because it uses less fuel. Paid more but also got a nicer car, still small and comfy, just right. So yeah, already in Hamburg it started that my GPS was a bit bitchy, but at least still managed.

So I started my trip, knowing I would be stuck in traffic but had no idea how much and how often and how long I would be stuck in those due to the zillions of construction sites. And if that was not enough, on one road where I was going ratehr quick, a truck tried to take over on the left lane and then all of a sudden, without any warning, pulled over onto my lane. I was going 160kmh – and needed to slow down massively. Afterwards I just drove to the next best place where to stop next to the street, shaking and close to tears. Luckily police was just a few cars behind and took the truck driver to the next rest area and then also came to get me and get a confrontation and everything going. So yes, I filed a complaint. Shaking. Halfway crying. I was so done that the police men were close to calling an ambulance for me…somehow I made them believe I was okay, so they left me alone, I calmed down and continued.

And just a tad later I was stuck in some tiny village, because the road the GPS wanted me to take simply was blocked but the GPS had no idea how to lead me around it and on the streets there was noone, noone opened the door when I rang…I totally freaked out, my nerves were broken.I had no idea how the village was called, my phone had no GPS at all and I was the happiest person ever when I found a woman who was able to help me and guide me.

When I arrived at Schloss Klaffenbach, where the Apocalyptica show was taking place, arrived, I was really done with the day. 7 hours of car ride, tons of traffic jams and a nearly accident. I really had to calm down a bit before I went to do a quick ride to my hotel, and then return to my friends again.

And then time passed by quickly until the doors opened and I made it again into front row, just where I wanted to stand. The support band was totally not my taste, and it felt as if they were playing forever. And you know what´s even worse? They´ll be supporting Apocalyptica also during their France shows in November…But the Apocalyptica show then made up for it again, though it could have been more songs with vocals and I really wanted to hear “Hope Vol. 2” again because it´s so touching, but nope, not this time. Anyways, I enjoyed every second of it, smiling from one side to the other, turning off the brain for a while. And that really felt good. I was in my own little bubble or world again, and it´s what always makes me attend the shows.

The waiting for the band afterwards was a fail, and I was really happy when I was falling into my hotel bed, totally exhausted, with no voice and a hurting neck.
Funnily enough I woke up pretty early on Saturday, aka the day after, and decided to not continue sleeping but instead go back to Schloss Klaffenbach for a bit of photographing and then drive home. Said and done, kinda. As I had not booked breakfast (13€) at the hotel, I went to the store, bought some stuff and had my very little special breakfast behind the castle in the park there. Fresh air, sunshine, nature…could have not been any better!

And then: 6 hours and 30min of big grocery shopping later, I was unloading the car and shoving everything into the apartment. Afterwards I brought away the car again, and then fell into bed and thatw as it for this weekend – I was just totally done, mentally and physically…

But…fuck it´s been worth it!




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