Always on Sunday (3)

I just returned from my Hoop testing lesson (report will follow during the coming week) and my right lower leg hurts like there is no tomorrow, my arms are pretty much done and typing therefore is a challenge…but enjoy my little flashback onto the last pretty busy week in my life. But it clearly had worse weeks, so…rather positive stress, though my skin might not really show this and started making issues again…Maybe next week will be better, being on the road from Friday to Sunday as I will be going to Berlin – so there will be a delayed “Always on Sunday” for the coming weekend ^^

// Seen // A lot of series, and then this “documentary” on VOD on the 72 cutest animals…it really has an “omg adorable” factor, if you ignore the huge amount of apes they are having in this list. I mean, really, shit tons of them and come on, they´re not even so cute in comparison with other animals like…pandas, and and and. And still they rate the damned apes better. God damnit.

// Listened to // I really haven´t been listening to much music this week, because at work I was terribly busy, and usually I forgot my headphones at home or at the office so also no music on my way home. And at home…I was enjoying mostly silence, unless I was watching TV. So no real listening to something, except here and there some bits of Apocalyptica or Within Temptation, but not much in the end. But, oddly enough, I don´t even miss it right now, silence is so much better ^^

// Done // Work and press related work, and then also spent some ebautiful time with my boyfriend. Usually when I get home I don´t get much done anymore because I am so exhausted and braindead that I just cook, take a hot bath and that´s pretty much it. I used to watch quite some series and movies on Netflix and such, but this week – no chance, only when at my boyfriend´s place I get to watch something. At home I usually am not even willing to watch something where I might need my brain for. I tried to get back to doing more sports but due to the fact of always being tired, I usually just ignored this plan…

// Eaten // Greek food at the greek restarant close to my boyfriend´s place – we both wanted to go out for dinner and in hommage to our vacations in June/July, this was the place where to go. I can totally recomment it – have a look at their Facebook page if you look for a restaurant in that area 🙂 Besides this I am again back to trying to eat really healthy, with loads of veggies again and I also focus more on having yoghurts as lunch and try to avoid honey and sugar, though it really doesn´t work out well every day.

// Thought // I thought back to my Apocalyptica trip in the USA in 2015, because some songs simply bring back the memories, the emotions, the travel stress, the tears, the smiles, the laughter, the hugs, the poking out tongues, the desperate tries to keep me away from focussing during photographing, their amazing tourmanager…I want that trip back, I want to re-experience it. With all its ups and downs, because it made me grow. Grow as a person, in regards of mental strength and beliving in myself again, trusting myself that my path is my path and it is okay to go that path. But that it also is okay to break down crying in someone´s arms if you feel like shit, that showing “weaknesses” and tears is nothing wrong.

// Happy about // Having survived my hoop testing lesson – and happy to know that even though it was painful it really was a load of fun…excepting the fact that I now know again I really need to work on my abs and core strength ahain. but hey, that is also something positive, I mean, knowing what you gotta work on. Right? xD

// Read // About Atlassian Jira queries and Jira functions and and and – I know most of you will need to google it, but that´s why I read about on Friday in the “one hour training” timeframe that I now set for myself during worktime to really get up to speed with what a Junior projectmanager should be knowing.

// Angry about // My body being a bitch again, most likely due to stress and feeling worn out a tad, my body temperature went up again, and matching everyone around me being slightly sick, I also feel like a cold is approaching and my body is fighting against it heavily.

// Wished for // Better weather and not getting sick. Both of it is important somehow nto really how it should be. Weather is an on off thing when it comes to sun, and we had loads of rain and grey sky and clouds and it feels like we´re deep into autumn already (yes, I turned on the heating already in my apartment). And my health is currently struggling due to many colleagues and people in general being (slightly) sick and still go outside and spread this hell…loads of Vit C and all of that for me, and I really hope I will stay healthy. I got no time for being ill.

// Dreamt about // I was mostly so tired that I really didn´t dream. And day dreaming maybe…uffz. Vacation maybe? Seeing Apocalyptica earlier than in November? Winning the lottery? No wait, finding a new apartment closer to work and my boyfriend. That´s the dream I think.

// Bought // A pair of running trousers, as usual food and drinks, went for Greek restaurant as dinner and I also bougth my train ticket from Lille back to Hamburg after the Apocalyptica madness in November (69€, first bus and then train – 10 hours on the road)…

// Clicked // – always good for new shirts and hoodies, and I also bought a new hoodie as autumn is here/approaching and I am lacking hoodies and cardigans.

// Played // I add this category because at times even I do play stuff 😉 This week I discovered and installed “Township” on my tablet, it is a combination of a farming and town building game with quest system and special quests, and of course pay to win, no surprise there. When it comes to computer games I again played The Sims 4, at home alone and also when at my boyfriend´s – it is a good way how to flee from reality and live the perfect life 😉

// Statement of the week // “It´s good to see how you take over so much stuff and rock it, makes me confident about me leaving and you doing great” (work colleague)

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