1 year with Weight Watchers

Actually, I missed my 1 year anniversary. Because as I just noticed, I already started on August 26th and not just as I remembered wrongly in the beginning of September.

Since that day I´ve been on a constant journey – it´s been not only about losing weight, but rather about changing the view on my body, changing the feel for my body and changing how fit I am and how I feel in and with my body. But also it had to go hand in hand with changing my eating habits (and this is a neverending story, ongoing – still a struggle) and also my sports habits.

I´ve started going to gym again, I´ve started to go for runs and lately there is no pain in my legs anymore and my asthmatic issues are hardly there anymore. My legs are okay, my back is doing better and I´ve become far more flexible. I am trying out things that I never guessed I´d ever be doing because I was lacking the flexibilit and the strength in my body, but also I lacked self esteem and self confidence. I didn´t believe in myself, in my body. Because why would I? there was noting to trust in.

And that changed. I built up muscles, because I worked out and combined it with running and all the things you can do to burn calories. And fat. And get myself where I want to be and where I want to see myself in the end. And I am still not really there, I still have quite a long road to go – a long road consistsing of a tiny bit more than 10kg.

I´ve started with being more than just overweight, I started with a BMI of 33.1 – it is terrible and I have no idea how it could ever happen that I ended there. I really do not know but one thing I know: I NEVER want to be there again. Never again.
Now I am at a BMI of 27.9 – and I am still overweight, but I am on the border with being normal normal weight. Border…a really broad border is still to be crossed and mastered, but those nearly 15kg that I lost (at the moment it is again a bit less) don´t only show but I also feel it. Less weight to carry and feeling healthier, but with all of this also come the will to go further, work harder and really reach my goal of a normal healthy weight.

Sounds all so easy, right? Fuck no, it really is not. It´s been so many ups and downs, and you really just need to keep going and going and giving up must not be an option. And I´ve been so close to giving up so often during this one year, but I never did. And I am really proud I never did.

And this is due to the amazing support I got from friends, family and especially my boyfriend who needs to put up with “veggie from the pan again”-meals. And everyone who puts up with my “give me a second, I need to quickly calculate the points…oh I cannot eat that…” and doesn´t freak out in my face ^^

Thanks and let´s go and kil the last fucking 10kg!



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