Day X+7 – Out of sight, out of mind

It´s a week already…and still feels like it´s just been yesterday. Not sure if this is good or bad, but maybe a sign of me not having relaxed at all so far and now I am struck down with a higher temperature than usual and mostly stayed in bed, except for a little walk accompanied with a quick stop at the supermarket. I really hope I will be fit at the weekend, because there is the medieval market just a few kilometers away from me, and I really will go there as I already have a ticket and looked forward to it already for quite a while.

But to be fair, something else is really on my mind, and that´s what one person promised me and seemingly doesn´t bother to keep. You know, I was put into this position as a project manager by someone who seemingly believed in me and also supported me. This was the best feeling I ever had, because there is nothing better than someone believing in your skills and talent. I was promised by this person that he/she would be suporting me, also when this person left the company – I could get in touch if I really needed help.

And last week, exactly a week ago, I contacted this person with a plea for help – because of needing connections job wise and knowledge on a certain course and which offers to trust and which not. And I feel left alone now. No reply, no reaction, not even a single line stating that the person currently is busy but will get back to me. I am sitting here, and upset. Upset like a little child who was promised to go to the zoo but then was ditched. It really pisses me off because it destroys my ability to trust people in a work environment even more. I already struggled, always expecting someone to backstab me and I was just gaining the trust that I needed. And now? I am being left alone standing in the rain. Alone. No need to state that I hate it when people break their promises, especially in such moments it makes me really angry. Thanks for that – then I will go my own way, I´m used to that…



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