Day X+9 & 10 – Medieval festival and what it brings along

…besides rain and sunshine and everything kinda in between. And I am talking about the weather here, not about the feelings. Because those could have not been any better and more positive and smiley and…for the first time I really forgot mostly about all the shit, and partially even was able to laugh about things. And it was no faked laugh, it was an honest laugh. Yesterday clearly showed once again that music can heal wounds or at least make them hurt less for a little while.

It started all with a rainy time, and my mood was shitty, I really did not feel like going to the MPS at all…was wet and annoyed when I arrived there, but I keep my promises. And I did promise it, so I was there. And once Faey, for whom I was there, started playing, it kinda started to stop raining and the sun was coming out. And my good mood was starting – my boyfriend was also there, so the day just had to be good. Loads of good music, seeing people again I hadn´t seen for ages and a nice area, nice time looking at things and good food…and walking, walking walking…Anyways, more about the MPS in a separate blog post ^^ (yes, we went home those 5km from the lake to my place at nighttime…so much fun. not. Thanks to shitty public transport)

Today I decided to stay home because of feeling really exhausted and the weather was also not really trustworthy – and once I was alone again, I really tried to keep up the good spirits but…okay shit, I failed mostly. The cloudy grey weather was making things worse, and all of these shit thoughts came back, bugging me as hell…killing my fun of editing photos and driving me to write applications instead. I am really not sure if this is of any good, but better than digging myself up in bed I suppose.

Also I did a backup and a lot of pushing files from hard drive to external drive, because one of the hinges of my laptop screen is a tad….problematic. So I wanna be on the safe side, and not end up with whatsoever kind of troubles. Maybe later on I will be still starting to edit the photos from yesterday, but I am not sure if I will do this or rather take a looong hot bath…


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