Always on Sunday (6)

Always on Sunday is a “sometimes on Monday aswell” thing because I wanted to tell a bit about how the medieval festival made me feel and everything, but did not want to spam you with two post on a short Sunday afternoon (at least for me it felt really short, because I got out of bed really late).

// Seen // Bands, live. Medieval music, live. Many amazingly dressed people at the MPS, many people having spent a lot of time and effort into their “costumes”. Always great to see 😀

// Listened to // Omnia, Versengold, Fiddler´s Green, Saltatio MOrtis and last but clearly not least: Faey.And I really wanna spread the word, so for the first time I am gonna post the youtube video of one of their songs right in here:

// Done // I prepared my new CV, outlook and everything, my whole application basis I prepared and updated and collected links for jobs and all of this to start the application madness…(rather: I started this madness today, on Monday) Also I did quite some sports, and will need to continue it so that my weightloss might just kick in again…

// Eaten // Garlic bread and filled hamp pancake (wtf, odd translation somehow) at the medieval festival – simply because those two things are my meals that I always just need to have when I am around there. It gives me this medieval feeling, of happiness and just belongs to this visit like the good music and shitty weather does. I really do not wanna miss this…

// Thought // What odd people are creeping around on Social Media. I mean, politics is a thing I tend to not discuss but the stupidity and moron-like behaviour of people just makes me explode. I am fine if someone´s got a different opinion than I do, but if you´re totally resistant towards what others have as reasons, then something is clearly going wrong and you´re going to piss me off. Especially if someone has no idea, has not even read the party´s programme and then tries to defend it. That´s the scary shit, the scary shit that is allowed to be voting. Someone please shoot me to the moon.

// Happy about // Being on the medieval festival, together with my love and meeting Sandra from Faey again – it´s been many years where I had not seen here, and it was cool to finally see her on stage with her new band, hear the songs live, photograph it all and also have my boyfriend with me for the whole day…I was a smiley person for once…

// Read // Social Media and all the right winged assholes spreading their disgusting thoughts and believes. If it wasn´t risky to state what I´d like to do with them, this right here would be the place to read all about it. Because if pisses me off how those people would never have the guts to stand up to their opinion and tell this opinion to someone´s face. No, they´re so poor creatures that they need to vomit around their useless statements on the internet, because they feel safe due to the anonymity it offers…

// Angry about // My ex company because they are…ok, insert shit tons of swear words here, I am too good and valuable to actually put all of those in here, especially since I do not wanna waste my and your time 😉

// Wished for // A new job and all the applications writing themselves xD

// Dreamt about // Nightmares keep haunting my sleep, and when I am sleeping alone it is even worse. I don´t even know anymore how to get rid off those, they are just there. Every night. But different every time they come. Sometimes it is about the past, sometimes it is about the future, sometimes it is pure madness and phantasy…It´s exhausting as hell.

// Bought // Some beauty things, like shampoo and body lotion, so basic stuff, nothing fancy, not even expensive stuff from my fave brands but rather cheaper ones from which I nevertheless knew they would still do their job. So totally not worth telling actually, daily business…

// Clicked // My own blog, and that quite often – blogging now once a day makes me live on here, more than I had initially planned when I started my “Day X” series. I kinda hope it is not going to last for long, I am really not keen on hitting the X+666 or something, no matter how funny it would look like…

// Played // I was playing Goodgame´s “A little lost” for a bit, but got fed up pretty fast again, “Candy Crush” is still my fave when it comes to puzzler games, it will be hard to ever beat this one, especially because I am sticking to it for already quite a while…

// Statement of the week // “Immer schön nach unten treten und dabei nach oben schaun” (Versengold, lyrics)

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