Day X+11 & 12 – Ego boost!

I can still remember how it´s been a massive hassle last year when writing applications and even trying to just get to be invited for a job interview – out of those around 80 applications I wrote back then, only 2 resulted in a job interview. And both were fails in the end, but luckily I then became trainee for product management and then switched to project management, but that´s another story.

So when I started writing applications and sending those out, I was getting frustrated just because of what I had experienced last year, full of fears and literally no self-confidence, trying to not have this show in my application letters.

And seemingly I really managed to sound convincing, as I sent out an application on August 5th (Day X+11), and just after a few hours I had an call, inviting me for a job application just the day after (Day X+12). I was totally stunned and this really gave me a boost even though the nervousity was bigger than anything else.

No matter what the outcome is going to be from this application and job interview, it gave me a lot of hope and also motivation to really kick my own ass and get and also keep going because I am seemingly not totally useless when it comes to being on the job market again.

After the job interview on Day X+12, I went to spend time with my boyfriend again, and this still has been maybe the most important part of the day, as it´s the time I can just turn off the mind and just relax. And I enjoy every second of it, because it makes me feel so complete. And after a stressful day – yes it was stressful though the job interview was the only thing I did – it always is good to actually talk about things and not just write about them. To discuss them, to have someone listening…

But I am feeling good…and I will push forward with a lot of application writing during the next few days, as I am finally motivated!

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