Day X+13 & 14 – What did I do?

…that things seemingly do work out quite nicely for a change?

This is something that I´ve been asking me today (X+14) after having written quite some applications last night, I got two phone calls today, with companies wanting to invite me for a job interview. So far my quote is really good when it comes to how many applications I have written so far and how many invitations I got…next week will be a busy week with the two job interviews and the appointment at the job agency…

I could´ve chosen later dates for the interviews but the earlier I have those, the earlier I have the decision and maybe a job and thus more time to fully relax. But no matter what I am surprised to be invited to so many job interviews, I am really not used to this after all the shit last year – back then I had 80 applications and 2 times I was invited. Now I have 10 applications and 3 invites. See what changed? My ego feels good. Like, really good.

But not only this is working rather nicely, also yesterday (X+13) was quite successful after I felt shitty (aka sick) and somehow weak for most of the day – I finished editing all the photos of FAEY from the MPS and put them online and the feedback I got was amazing. Really.

I kinda knew the photos were nice and I was rather satisfied (compared to the fact I usually am not a fan of my own photos), but it looks like I nicely captured the three shows there. I am really overwhelmed and when writing this I already blush again – it´s those unexpected things that mean so much to me. Especially in tough times like these where I tend to feel unneeded and useless, this stuff just blow my mind and makes my heart beat faster. Cheesy stuff, I know, I know. But…makes me feel good and taht´s what counts 😀

Stuff can continue like this, I´d be totally in for this 😀


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