Always on Sunday (7)

Event though I just had one job interview and been writing a few applications (10 in total), I feel even more stressed than I have ever been during my time in the office after a full week of project management madness with and in my team.
It might be the weather and that my body is highly irritated about thefcat it´s more summer than it often had been during summer…I have no idea, but I am feeling totally not relaxed, not fit whilst I keep pushing myself every day. Maybe I need just a few days of doing simply nothing.

// Seen // Too little outside of my apartment – due to my foot hurting for quite some time, I didn´t get outside for walks and runs as I really had planned to do. Plus, somehow going outside starts requiring quite some motivation and I am really lacking this lately…

// Listened to // Oddly enough I have hardly been listening to music this week somehow – mostly the TV was on, only time where I had music running was when I was taking a hot bath. Then it was either Versengold, Sunrise Avenue or Apocalyptica…

// Done // Applications. And successfully failed at finding time to get my hair done at the hair dresser´s. I really had that plan but all of a sudden this week was over and now it´s Sunday already. I got no idea where on earth the time has gone to…

// Eaten // Quite some meat lately. Maybe a tad too much it might be. But chicken is one of those ingredients where I can eat more from due to the low amount of WeightWatchers points. I am just very close to having overeaten it, so now I will turn to fish again.

// Thought // I really try to think as little as possible because thinking and overthinking ae two things that go hand in hand with me. It starts with just thinking, and then I think more and more and more and booom, I am ending up overthinking again and all these dark thoughts are back. No matter how hard I try, it partially remains hard to be all positive and have sunny thoughts…

// Happy about // That I have my boyfriend. No matter how much silence and peace I actually have when being at home alone, time with him always is the time where I can just turn my mind off and really don´t always need words to explain myself…best times in a week…

// Read // All these discussions about 9/11 and the conspiracy theories that keep on coming up and spreading like one of the worst diseases ever. It´s not even possible to shut up for those people when there is a post about just remembering the victims, for grieving. No, they need to spread their conspiracy shit everywhere, it´s like drunk people vomitting on the streets. And those that are not drunk and do not vomit, well, their fault. So these conspiracy freaks call others blind and brainwashed sheep and then there is this massive discussion right there. understandable.
Even though there is not just two parties – the ones believing the comspiracy, then the ones being the sheep aka believing official theories, no – then there is people that are pissed off about this discussion because it is not appropriate as they just want to remember the victims – and then last but not least, people from the Middle East giving their opinion. It´s like the kindergarden from the madhouse has opened. It is insane and it makes me want to vomit, looking at the reasonings and the ways how people do argue about things. I will never understand why it seemingly is so hard to act like grown ups, even on the internet. 

// Angry about // I am generally someone who gets easily pissed if agreed on time frames are being broken, and especially when it comes to telling decisions that are important for me, I am becoming a grumpy and puting kid if you missed out keeping promises. And this has happened this week and really pisses me off.

// Wished for // More job interviews, and got two more coming up already – so sometimes wishes do come true 😉 NOw one of the companies “just” needs to give me a contract ^^

// Dreamt about // I keep on having odd dreams at night, no nightmares anymore but simply odd dreams…stuff that simply doesn´t make sense to me – but no, I am still not dreaming about aliens and such, my dreams remain really close to reality and thus get really weird.

// Bought // Things for my new computer – so far only the computer case and the keyboard, the rest will be following tomorrow because of the delivery times and me having time and shit like this…you get the point ^^ it is not gonna be a cheap project, but working on this laptop like writing stil works but nothing else anymore because the colors are just shitty and I feel like I can see the pixels already…

// Clicked // A lot of puppy videos. Everything that´s cute is important for me right now, because just imaging to have such a cutie with me makes me feel all fuzzy and warm inside…

// Played // The Sims 4 again. Where I levelled up my management career within maybe a month of Sims time xD Can that please be reality?

// Statement of the week // “I am not even surprised they all invite you” (About me having two job interviews next week – am I the only one being surprised about this or what? xD)


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