Day X+17 & 18 – Life´s a joke

And so is my body from time to time. I have the feeling that I am more stressed and under pressure with applying for jobs and preparing for interviews than I had been in my daily business at the company. Which is surprising as I always thought I was mentally and physically really worn out…nope, dear me, it can get worse still ^^

Day X+17

I ordered the first things for my new computer, a nice and fancy case that glows green in the dark…my boyfriend was amused, but not even surprised anymore that I chose something green in the end.

I was mostly spending the day with cooking, baking bread, cleaning and playing on my tablet – I was, except for the evening walk I did, just a really lazy person. As usual I did some weight lifting, the easy stuff for my arms and everything, but being productive clearly would have looked differently.

But no shame, it was weekend and I also need to rest from time to time as my body really requests it with me being really tired and feeling more and more worn out and feverish (not sure if cold or allergies or both or my mind making it all up). Bed and couch were my best friends, and for once my brain was actually not doing anything – not even overthinking, which is quite surprising ^^

Day X+18

I woke up early, I had to. Simply because needed to cancel my appointment with the job agency because of my job interview ….well, that was theory. Cancelling the appointment was not the issue and I started my little trip to the job interview – halfway there, I received a call telling me we needed to reschedule the job interview to Wednesday. There I was, I hadn’t slept properly because of being so nervous, my stomach was making problems at its best and now all if this had been for freaking nothing. I really want that job so postponing this made me feel like they don’t want me and I would be totally not needed, even though the actual reasons surely did make sense. But somehow I was still hurt.

The other company from last week’s job interview still didn’t call or email me, I kinda assume they are not interested in me enough to actually get in touch because I am not their first choice. Whatsoever, it was a good experience and nice exercise…

The rest of the day I did pretty much nothing but relaxing and enjoying the bread I baked yesterday. I really need to relax, otherwise my health is even worse wh.en starting the new job than before my one month of “vacation”. I just feel permanently stressed out because of the job search and pressure to actually apply and find a new job…

Oh and I went for a looong walk with my camera, it was bloody hot and somehow really not a smart idea – I was dead tired afterwards and didn’t move afterwards anymore. And I needed to face the fact that taking photos was nice but…I cannot edit them until my new computer is al set up…great success. Not.



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