Day X+19 & 20 – Winner?

Yesterday, X+19, I had my first job interview of this week and surprisingly I was not even too worried and nervous, rather calm – but maybe it was just caused by the heat wave that we are facing. And wearing my black leggings, my dress and my black leather ankle boots clearly is no summer job interview clothing…not smart, but that’s me…I am lacking nice something shoes made for such moments.

But even better than the actual job interview was an email that I received – you know, I took part in this little winning game by my fave restaurant the day before and I already had forgotten about it. And man, so I won 12 free meals at this restaurant, so kinda once a month for a full year, starting in October. You got no idea how I was bouncing around in my apartment once I realized that this was no phishing email but real…

Clearly did a good job in cheering me up and getting me motivated and positive thinking for the day – maybe it showed in the jobs interview, who knows. I am just not good at convincing by talking, rather by my actions -and that makes these interviews really a tough job for me, even though I really do believe in myself (which is a miracle for itself).

In the evening I did take a time out, aka time with my boyfriend, drifting off and just letting the world be the world and enjoying the time.

This morning, aka day X+20, it was another morning to get ready for a job interview – rather the job interview that had been cancelled on Monday.  It was bloody hot outside and my outfit really is going to kill me somewhen soon if the weather is not changing . But yeah, once I cameback I picked up all of my parts for my computer, following forward to the weekend when my boyfriend and I will put it all together (well I will mostly watch haha).

Generally I didn’t feel like being in such a great mood today, I felt weird and somehow really stressed out. Writing all applications is stressful and since my laptop is pretty much done, I will just let it rest until next week – and then give all power for a couple of days so I don’t need to bother each and every day with goal to write 10 applications every week…in the end I gotta show the list of applications to the job center when I need to go there in October…so looking forward to this, NOT…

In the evening I tried to go for a long walk but it only was 3.5km because temperature and darkness outside just did not match – totally dark but still so warm…and going for walks in the total dark is not really my cup of tea….


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