Day X+21 & 22 & 23 – Busy Bee!

You might have already wondered where the heck actually all the blog posts are that I am usually trying to write on a  daily basis, but you know, there are days where this just doesn´t work out where I am just not in the mood to even talk about things. Doesn´t happen too often, but from time to time – like with the past days ^^

Now (X+23) I am sitting here using my new screen and keyboard, still plugged in on my laptop though since my computer didn´t get ready yet – so I feel like I am permanently adjusting the brightness of this monster of screen…go and laugh, nothing too big actually, but as I worked on my laptop for the past 6-7 years, everything bigger than this feels like a massive bright wall (and I am too dumb to type on this keyboard though it is actually the same one that I used at the office…oh the changes!)

So what I did so far was having a relaxed morning with my boyfriend, watching him assemble the first parts of my soon ready computer, whilst I just looked good during watching him 😉 Afterwards I was writing some applications, now that I do have a proper screen and don´t need to have my eyes killed by simply trying to find spelling or punctuation mistakes…And I think that´s it for today, only some computering still to come 😉

Yesterday (X+22) I was out with my boyfriend in the evening, a little party at the place of his work colleague – a nice get together with amazing food, two cute little dogs and a long ride back home in the late evening. And before all of this…well I had my hair fixed. You might wonder what I did, but I´ll tell you just in a second, be patient for once! So yeah, this time at the hair dressers it was like experimenting, it might look good, but also could be that it doesnt work out as intended…well thank god it worked out really well and I started feeling like a human again 😀 Because before I felt shitty and also had not exactly slept well to be honest, oddest dreams ever and I woke up totally stressed out…

And then there was the day before yesterday (X+21) and my try to color my hair in dyi style…I mean, it´s not been the first time I was doing this myself, and after having gotten a new cut at the hair dressers, I thought it was time for some color on my head again and went to the store and bought to mahagoni brown color packages from Schwarzkopf and applied them just as it was instructed and as one always does. And as long as my hair was still wet it all looked fine, and when it was dry I looked like a pony having many different colored parts of fur, in my case hair. My hair simply did not suck up the color properly and I was pretty desperate to be honest but had no will or power to fix it right away, especially because I also went to my friend´s place for a nice evening and didn´t want to stress myself out. In the end I told myself it was better to call a hair dresser to have it fixed then doing another hopeless attempt and maybe have a another shock moment…lord knmows what would have then happened…


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