Day X+24 & 25 – It´s tiring…

Yesterday was day 24, and…Sunday. All days feel the same, except for the days when I meet with my boyfriend so I know which week day it is and everything. But everything around these days feels like a blur, consisting of workout, eating, sleeping, searching for jobs and applying for jobs. Sounds fancy, doesn´t it?

I spent most of my day on the computer/laptop, enjoying the new screen and starting to edit sme photos and fill my calendar with some appointments and making a plan for the coming week…yes, I do have a list that I try to fulfill for every day, mostly I fail but it´s a try to have me not do anything anymore at all. because it is too tempting to be sitting in front of the computer all day long and do pretty much nothing useful…and that´s clearly not me and hopefully also never will be 😉

Today,X+25. Shit that is depressing.  Somehow. I know you might laugh about it and I know that many people in the same situation do take things far easier than I do, but on the one hand I´d need time to really relax, but on the other hand I am rather depending on myself than some job agency and the depending on the mercy of the government. That thought is totally unattractive. Like, really.

I am still fighting again some mysterious cold/allergy and it really pisses me off…but at least it´s not getting worse, that´s better than nothing ^^ Last night I was really struggling with negative thoughts before falling asleep, and that seriously affected my dreams. I slept terribly bad and am kinda  a tad grumpy since I got up this morning, feeling exhausted brain and body wise.

But at least some good news – I had prepared for an all relaxed week with just press work, but from the applications I sent out on Saturday, I got an invitation to a job interview on Wednesday. It´s another step, another chance. Another try. Another hope…let´s see what happens. Besides this…my day was full of walking and getting my ass moving and hanging on the couch, great contrasts ^^



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