Always on Sunday (9)

This more and more becomes a “Always on Monday” blog post…maybe I should change its title…or maybe not, because then I don´t even have any motivation to get it one on time.

But yesterday, so on Sunday, I spent the day at my boyfriend´s place and clearly wouldn´t touch my blog there. This time with him is simply too valuable to even think about blogging or anything like this.

// Listened to // Well, due to having worked at Hamburg Metal Dayz as a photographer, I´ve listened to and seen quite some bands and heard some music, but actively listened to the music I only have during the show of The New Black, because it´s been the only band I really wanted to see.

// Done // Editing photos, writing gig report…and that´s also what I will be doing during this week. Also did yet another job interview. Or was it two? I don´t know, I am losing track. I´d really have to check my Excel sheet where I track all of my applications.

// Eaten // Pizza on Sunday. Shame on me, I know, I know. My boyfriend and I really planned on cooking healthy but…pizza was just the better choice, even though my stomach didn´t fully approve the big amount of lactose and food as such…

// Thought // Negative stuff. Dark clouds are over my mind mostly, and it is hard to actually get up at all somewhen during day time. I always try to keep myself motivate and think about maybe missing out on a great job when staying in bed, but to be honest – I have no idea for how long this will still be working.

// Happy about // Having my boyfriend at my side, supporting me right at the spot. It is important that I have someone close right now because I need the hugs and worry-free moments so badly.

// Read // About how to act in job interviews and do´s and dont´s and all of this; I just wanna check if I did something wrong or all good…and in the end it was relieving to again see I was not doing anything wrong, at least that…

// Angry about // Job search related things…I could be ranting forever. And bad light at Hamburg Metal Dayz – god, how I hate this. You have a venue that is amazingly equipped in the main hall and what are the band/light technicians doing? Darkness. Only light from the back. And then red. Well thank you!

// Wished for // Sleeping for a week straight xD

// Dreamt about // People, who I love, being tortured and dying, and then me being totally desperate and…yes, nightmares. Just to mention one of those dreams. And probably also the worst one.

// Bought // Some more little things for my computer, and some more things are still to come because I still need a new screen…But yeah I bought my activation ke for my Windows 10 and a new card reader and some more things…

// Clicked // Job offers. I know this is getting boring as hell, but it is just how it is. I really mostly do this when it comes to clicking links or such. And press work as I am diving into this right now.

// Statement of the week // That I´d not be stupid but intelligent. (I know, nothing special, but atm it feels special because…well. You know, unemployed.)



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