Day X+31/32/33 – Down to the sickness

I really hope I didn´t mess up the counting, always tricky when you need to catch up – and even worse when your brain is all stuffed with slimey shit. Why? I am struck down with a bad cold and can hardly talk since I woke up this morning (Day X+33).

Shitty timing as I would have had a job interview today and tomorrow, but had to postpone those – at least the HR people were nice and understanding that it wouldn´t make sense to do the talks now when I am being sick. I just really hope I will be back to health, at least more or less, on Thursday when it is gonna be my birthday. Because it is planned to go out with my boyfriend for dinner and nothing will fucking dare to destroy this plan…Today I didn´t do a think except for struggling my way to the pharmacy and back, and then being in bed and on the couch all day long – with loads of tea, meds and vitamin shit. I feel like a freakin zombie.

Yesterday (Day X+32) was…Monday. Right? Right. See, it starts again, this confusion about week days and kind of a loss of caring what week day and time it actually is. I eokr up after a terrible night with the most awful nightmares I had lately, and the day did not get much better to say the least. I wasn´t feeling too healthy but decided to quickly go to the opening of a new big store complex close by to grab some free stuff – so I did this and went back home and then later went to the doctor because of pain in my toe (waiting for quite a long time, amongst ill people, yay), got it bandaged and then went home again. Already then I wondered if I will be sick again after this damned time at the doctor´s, like I saw this all coming…somehow the day wasn´t really my day, but no can do. The show must go on, somehow.

The day before, so Sunday (X+33)…time with my boyfriend – so a lot of relaxing and not doing anything, a tad of gaming and toooootally healthy…pizza 😀 The plan to be cooking something healthy somewhen vanish during the day, and I really don´t regret it when looking back. Sometimes the body just needs something like this 😀 My mood was ok-ish, though all the thoughts around the latest “no”s for my applications were really rebelling in my head. Always.

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