Day X+34/35/36 – Loved

One of my sweet presents

Today (X+36)…36 days have passed since I started this. And today is the first full day of me being 27. And unemployed. Man this sounds desperate xD And I am clearly not feeling desperate at all, because yesterday was just beautiful. I am still not really full fit or back to healthy, but I am on a good way, luckily. Thanks to all the resting I did and will still be doing today – couch, hot tea, hot bath, some meds, a lot of vitamins, no sports (yes, that´s really tough for me). So a rather boring day and nothing really to tell, except for me being grump because I´d love to finish up my masses of photos and such things…but being at the computer just isn´t good as I already notice whilst typing this.

Yesterday (X+35) – my birthday. And well, i opened the first postcards and presents at 4am because I somehow wasn´t able to fall asleep anymore so I thought I could use my time wisely – and it really did the trick, having unwrapped and being happy, I fell asleep pretty quickly when back to bed again. During the day I did…nothing (except for getting a new bandage around my tortured toe haha). Resting time to be fit fir the evening and going out with my boyfriend to my fave restaurant again. And I was so glad, that my sense of taste was still totally normal, only my nose and ears were partially blocked. So the evening was really sweet, and I was just happy and though I before was already happy, this evening just made it perfect!
Thanks to everyone for messages, calls, presents, attention, everything ❤

And then there was the 28th of September, (X+34) and I was so down because I was feeling really sick still and was worried everything was going to fall apart because of me not being heathy enough to do anything on my birthday. This really was tearing me apart, just the damned thought of it. Because I was already frustrated of having had to reschedule my job interviews for the week, and I was sat alone and lonely and was just down. And then this fear…oh boy. But I somehow still stumbled across a nice job offer, and even though it was a real struggle, I applied for it. I just cannot fully rest, it seems…but I must do so…


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