Always on Sunday (10)

October already, and since yesterday I am officially unemployed and not anymore “searching for employment”…yeah there is a difference here, I know, retarded.

But the week was rather filled with being sick and unable to do a thing, yet it being a positive week with having grown older once again and getting looooads of amazing attention and everything, it was what I needed.

// Seen // My boyfriend and I went to the movies this week to watch “Finding Dory”, kinda part 2 of “Finding  Nemo”. Back in the days I found “Finding Nemo” so adorable and cute that this really was so adorable and cute and weeeeeeeh 😀 I really do not know why  there´s many pages giving the movie a bad rating, because it is done really nicely and surely does speak to the target audience. I personally even think there is quite some deeper sense in the story and in what is said and done in there, I might be overinterpreting, but anyways. This movie has what it needs – the cuteness factory, a story, a lot of times where to simply laugh…

// Listened to // TV series. Hardly any music, I hardly even opened my Spotify account simply because I was hardly on the computer. Being sick and computers don´t go well together, you know…

// Done // Very few applications, a lot of relaxing, and editing some photos and trying to finish up some things and failing…mostly I spent the week with sleeping and trying to recover by drinking tea, taking some meds and wtaching stupid TV series…

// Eaten // At my fave restaurant called “Mongo´s” – there´s several of those around Germany, and I can just totally recommend you to go and try it. Also, I ate sweets – probably too many but at times it is hard to resist, you know…

// Thought // I am living healthier than eve rbefore, yet my body seems to be hating more than ever before…

// Happy about // My birthday with all its wishes and presents and especially the one day trip to Lüneburg with my boyfriend – going for walks, window shopping and watching “Finding Dory” in the movies. It really was a perfect day, and it felt amazingly good to forget about feeling sick and rather weak and just having good air and finally being able to clear my mind…

// Read // Again some things about CVs and job interviews and all of this, nothing new for me though what I read. Plan for the coming week is to finally grab a proper book and get some serious reading going. I just need to make this first step to get the silence and the relaxing going on.

// Angry about // Actually nothing. I know this might come as a big surprise, but this week´s positive things overweighted the negative stuff of me being sick and everything. Doesn´t happen too often lately, but this is somehting to work on. Being angry will not really change much anyways…

// Wished for // Not being sick anymore, but I am still struggling even though it is going uphill pretty well. But carrying the cold around with me is really exhausting and tiring and really destroyed many plans, so I just hope it is over soon and that in general my health will soon be improving as a whole and not just in regards of my cold.

// Dreamt about // My boyfriend. A lot lately. It´s nice to have him around at nighttime, even though it often is “just” in the shape of dreams.

// Bought // Sweets. And food. (well, it kinda is the same, shame on me – I really need to change my eating habits again) And a sweet grey pullower with stars, and ordered some necessary things on Amazon like a trash bin, towels and a rack for cleaned dishes…now I finally have the time to think about these things that I should´ve ordered already ages ago…

// Clicked // A few homepages of candidates off the German series of “In the lions´ den”, on young entepreneurs searching for investment. And there is quite some interesting stuff being presented – like this low carb pizza dough “Lizza” or, also really fancy and interesting, but due to the pre-packed combinations nothing for me yet, frooggies  which is dried and then powdered fruits.

// Statement of the week // “No memory, no problems.” (Hank, off the movie “Finding Dory”)

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