Day X+40/41 – A new hobby & a visitor

Day X+40 // 04.10.2016

So it´s been one of those days where I do things to shake the head about. Well no, not that bad, but still.

First I had a sleepless night and got myself beautiful and ready for my job interview…which then was cancelled and I was rather frustrated because you know, you get all nervous and excited, prepare yourself mentally and physically and then you get a call saying we gotta postpone it. So next week it is then, hopefully. At least that´s the plan.

So I was already in a not so amazing mood and I had seen days ago that Lidl was selling sewing machines for comparably little money starting from today, and I was playing with the thought already because autumn and winter weather here in Hamburg do not really invite to go outside.

But hesitated deciding on buying one, until today…when I went to get one in the store with some additional stuff and things. Also I did order necessary things on Amazon to be equipped once I manage to actually sew a straight line xD

It gave me a boost and also a challenge for my “I get easily frustrated” when setting it all together and encountering several issues. But I managed. And already been sewing some things and in the end was pretty proud even though it didn´t look too good hahaha 😀

Day X+41 // 05.10.2016

Another not so amazing night sleep-wise – better than the night before, but still a hassle to be fully honest. Woke up, rushed to make myself a mango-yoghurt smoothie and then went to main station to meet with my aunt who was visiting Hamburg. And we hadn´t seen each other for quite a loooong while, so spending the day together was really cool.

We did a harbour boat trip (really refreshing and windy but amazing), checked out the old Elbtunnel and then had a late lunch and I showed her my apartment (yes, I did some tidying up and cleaning yesterday and even today in the morning hahaha). Usually it looks even messier. Well, yes and no. Not always.

Anyways, I did walk quite some steps and now am totally exhausted and my legs are really hurting. And somehow my neck started hurting a lot, yet I have no idea why – and I need to treat this with some warmth and cremes…

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