Always on Sunday (11)

Autumn is here and…I wanna send it back already, the dark and cloudy weather just really gets me depressed, I am totally honest. And I had to turn on the heating, which is frustrating…really tried to be saving money on it but having lost weight, I feel like I am permanently freezing (and my weightloss is stagnating, so suffering from the previous weightloss is even more annoying, knowing that I am not doing a step forward anymore) ^^

// Listened to // When being “on the road” aka using pubic transport it´s been a wild mix of heavy and rocking music to ensure that I do not hear the dumb talking the people around me do on their phone or with their homies/bitches…it is terrible to see how people seriously talk…embarassing.

// Done // I´ve beed editing a lot of photos, and also did quite some sewing with the sewing machine…I also slept a lot and was doing the harbour boat trip with my aunt and I´ve been baking and yeah…I really don´t know. It seems so little what I did compared to it having been a full year.

// Eaten // Self-baked apple yeast dumplings – so tasty, man. I could´ve eaten all nine at the same time, because for having done them for the very first time, they turned out really amazing I think 😀

// Thought // A lot about how things should continue and what to do, how to do, if to do and when to do and stuff like this…the whole unemployment thing really starts getting me, and that´s really making even getting up a hassle.

// Happy about // The Apocalyptica shows coming closer and closer ^^

// Read // Still no book. Shame on me. I really…I don´t know where the week went. The days keep slipping through my hands and with it also the plan to be reading. Maybe tonight.

// Angry about // The state. The government. And how the treat people. Currently I am upset about what I will be seemingly getting as unemployment money and how it all is calculated and everything. They leave people on the street and make it so hard to get additional money to stock up. This is just…no words.

// Wished for // A stable and sunny weather – and a job, but that´s normal. But the weather really got me lately, it feels like winter already and yet it´s just turned October…

// Dreamt about // A lot about my boyfriend – so great dreams for a change. I am happy that I at least dream well once I fall asleep…

// Bought // My sewing machine – and so far it is a struggle, but at least a fun one that I enjoy a lot. Let´s see how fast I will be making progress with the whole…besides this…the normal things I guess, plus sme stuff for baking and everything like this. but nothing outstanding like the sewing machine 😉

// Clicked // Hardly any job sites for a change – this week rather sewing and do it yourself pages which tipps and tricks for beginners. And looking for instructions, and patterns and all of this…oh so much information. Too much information.

// Statement of the week // I am really getting sick and tired of sub-category because…I am not really a fan of any kind of statements or whatsoever…not do I feel like searching for any cool statements…


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