Series: Chef´s Table

Being quite a foodie (or well, having become one), I also gave documentaries about food and cooking a chance. And it really was worth it, at least when it comes to “Chef´s Table” on Netflix.

Currently, there is 3 seasons available, a fourth one is planned for next year, aka 2017 – damn man, how am I supposed to survive until then? It´s really become addictions to watch these, because you get to know famous chefs all around the world, from the different fields of cooking and dishes and restaurants.

I am a total fan of the visuals and how the food and dishes is being presented, so the documentary has plenty of eye candy for me and everyone who enjoys nicely presented and pimped food. It is crazy what you can do to simple dishes of all kinds with just a tad of herbs or liquid or flowers or so…and also crazy how tough it can be to actually get to the food you ordered, because it is oddly presented in some kind of a  nest or hidden under some hay or all of these crazy things.

I mean, surely not everything that you can see there is something I would be eating – I think only half of the dishes presented there consists of ingredients that I would eat or can eat, so it at times sends some shivers down the spine when you see how they cook and prepare certain animals or other foods…but it´s not too bad – the positive things totally overweight.

Overall – So if you are prepared to get hungry and either just had dinner, are having dinner or some othe rmeal or are equipped with whatever kind of food – go and have a look at this documentary. It is amazing!

And I surely do have my favorites from these series when it comes to the chefs that were presented – some of them clearly would be on my “to check out” list if I ever had the money for a menu there.

Clearly my very own “winner” would be Swedish chef Magnus Nilsson, and his restaurant called “Fäviken”. Why? The chef is not overly sympathetic, but also the area where he has the restaurant is stunning – somewhere around nothing in Sweden, surrounded by nothing but nature and this is also pictured in the restaurant itself. It is more in the nature style furniture, but still in a really classy way. The food that was presented in the documentary was maybe not a 100% mine, but at least it made me want to at least try it because you saw with how much love it was all made.

Place two would be “Yam’Tcha” by Adeline Grattard in Paris – a mixture of restaurant with great asian-french food but accopanied by a large choice of tea. And I find exactly this combination somehow exciting and striking, because you rarely have restaurants focussing on serving tea to your meal rather than serving other standard drinks.


Chef’s Table is an American documentary web series released on Netflix. Each episode of the series profiles a single world-renowned chef.
(Source Wikipedia)

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