Day X+49/50 – Scrum, Scrum, Scrum

I decided on doing my Scrum Master certification, alongside with a course to prepare myself for the online test and also give me some more basic and theoretical knowledge – so far I worked with Scrum in practice, but not really in theory. Not that much in depth, and it is time to tackle this.

Just that the timing is a shitty one. Throat a tad hurting, sneezing and worst…mentally I am on my knees and every morning wanting to not even get up or move or…anything. Just as today (X+49, 13.10.2016). I really. really. really. did not want to get up and felt like I was 90+ years old and hungover after a whole week of boozing combined with some pills.

And being social around people for the whole day was not easy either, I never thought it could ever get so exhausting and difficult for me like it had been. I needed to function for learning the details that I did not know, the core and basics I already know, luckily. I was surprised how much I already knew, but still. I was just so happy when the day was over, but at last knowing I managed I more or less stayed within my Weight Watchers point frame…even though the sin was waiting just around every possible corner.

And now, day two. (X+50, 14.10.2016) I woke up feeling weak and dizzy and as if I was made out of gum or some odd stuff. I really felt terrible after a rather bad night of falling asleep and waking up totally confused every few hours…and the whole thing started an hour earlier today, so additionally I also had to get up earlier. This combination is just not making me any more social than I would have been when being slightly depressed (yes, I am honest with myself and admit it is a slight depression) anways, so…

It was a terribly long day and because I already felt shitty and shaky, I ditched my Weight Watchers plans and just ate wht they offered – probably for twice as many points as I would have been allowed to eat, but shit on it. It was comfort eating and it was the right thing to do. Clearly. So I also got through day two, and even though it was nice to realize how much I indeed know about Scrum, it didn´t really make me happy.

The only thing that made me happy was having gotten one ticket for System of a Down playing in Hamburg next year….so excited!


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