Always on Sunday (12)

It´s been one hell of a busy week for me. I´ve attended two job interviews on Monday and Tuesday, and Thursday and Friday I did the course for my Scrum Certification and only on Wednesday I had a day to myself. Yesterday and today was all relaxing though, finally – as usually, relaxing together is easier than alone. At least for me, because I then I cannot work on things and get busy again ^^

Luckily I am looking ahead at a really quiet coming week. I can relax, sew, play computer games and just do nothing for a change. Because my skin really acts up because of all the stress, I start struggling again…

// Listened to // Placebo – a lot. But mostly a live version of “Every you  Every me” – have a listen **here** It took a while until it grew on me, but now it is one of those songs that had been on massive repeat for the whole week!

// Done // I did my Scrum course as a basis for my Scrum master and Product Owner exam that I will be taking en course of the coming week so I finally have these certificates…it was a long workshop and really tiring because of many reasons – but I will not be digging deep into this matter, it doesn´t belong on here 😉

// Eaten // Too much. Really. My weight shows it, and even though I really enjoyed eating (yay, also a lot of comfort eating of sweets and stuff like this!), I now feel guilty and even shittier about my body and weightloss and all of these topics. Shit happens, gotta eat healthier during the coming weeks!

// Thought //  A lot about to do when I will not be having a new job by the end of this month – because then I need to decide if I want to keep trying and writing applications, running to job interviews and stressing myself out for a few more weeks or months. Or if I decide on doing a course that I was offered by the joby agency and will then be fulltime learning for three months instead of doing job search. It is a tough decision and many pros and cons are going through my mind, and many fears and hopes and doubts and everything…usually it had never been tough for me to be deciding, but this time it feels like it is overtaxing me.

// Happy about // A sweet postcard that I got from my boyfriend (yes, we “exchange” postcards that we find and find cute because…it is a sweet gesture) and the fact that soon it´s one year. As well that soon is November and Apocalyptica…I so need this trip to just flee from reality for a couple of days.

// Read //” Not my father´s son” by and about actor Alan Cumming. I got this book ages ago and never got to read it because I hardly have been reading – but now it is time for it!

// Angry about // A rejected application with the reasoning that they already have enough project managers in their company that have their background in the gaming industry. What kind of a damned reasoning is that?! Is that even a valid and legally ok reason to give for a rejection?

// Wished for // The week being over – especially it was hard for me to focus during the Scrum course, because feeling depressed and all stressed out and then needing to be social and communicative is a killer at its best. But all I actually wished for was time for myself and loving arms and all of this, so the weekend was balm for my soul.

// Dreamt about // Loads of odd and creepy things, just last night I finally dreamt sth not too bad…I cannot remember what it was anymore, but when I woke up I still knew about it and it was rather amusing than anything else. Which is a good first step again 😀

// Bought // A concert ticket for a show that happens in summer 2017 xD Yes, a tad still to go unfortunately, but since tickets go on sale and System of a Down are a band that usually sells out rather quick, I had to be fast…so looking forward to this (despite the ticket being…expensive)!

// Clicked // Pages about skin issues caused by stress (yay, neurodermitis ftw) and for that possibe projectmanagement course as well as some scrum training pages…

// Statement of the week // “love you. sehr”

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