Day X+51/52/53 – Shit, no creative headline


Found on of my waks around Hamburg last week

End of the week, finally – with Day X+51 (15.10.2016) I was hitting the Saturday and therefore it was time for quality time with my boyfriend and doing nothing but relaxing and curling up on the couch. But hey, we did give going for a walk a try – but the weather was not really willing to support our decision and it started drizzling after a while, so we rather quickly returned again. A pity, because the temperature was rather nice a for a change, but being in Hamburg, this whole weather issue in autumn shouldn´t even be surprising me anymore but still…I am still waiting for miracles to happen when it comes to this.

I dropped the hopes for a new job though, there is still quite a few companies that received my application but did not even bother to let me know that they received it more than two weeks ago. And this is something that really pisses me off because it´s so fucking inpolite. someone put effort and time into writing it, and then noone cares…well, cheers. I hope you are not going to find the right person for your position at all.

Day X+52 (16.10.2016) – My back was hurting, but whatever, as long as I am not alone it oesn´t matter…afterwards, I just noticed my back pain. Maybe I slept oddly or did some weird movement, who knows. But at least I had a night of proper sleep, without scary dreams and cases of death wrapped in those dreams…and I promised myself to kick my own butt again to make more sports and get my proper eating going again so at last I will be losing a little bit of weight before the end of the year, hopefully.

maybe this has become my main goal to look out for, so I am at least successful at something – hopefully I will be. Maybe. urghs. I am just so not motivated for anything anymore, except for sleeping and cuddling and doing nothing particularily.

The start into my “all week for myself” week, starting with Day X+53 (17.10.2016). After last week I really need time to myself, with working out, and reading and just not having much to do for a change. I will still need to do certain things, but it is far from packed. Tomorrow e.g. I will start learning for my Scrum exam, because there is still quite some things to be done before taking the actual exam. But no pressure, all I wanna do is take the exam somewhen this week, nothing more or less.

The weather is pretty depressing, so getting my 10.000 steps together was a tough challenge but I made it, though being bothered by a back ache that even didn´t fully disappear after some gymnastics and warm-lotion. Generally, I feel pretty empty and like I cannot really bother about anything right now. Great side effects from last week and all the weeks before.


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