Day X+54 – Food planning!

Last night I did some food planning for the week and the next one, because the weather being grey, wet and cold, it always makes me eat eat eat and have I meantioned eating? It was terrible the last two weeks, and I decided that it needs to improve again.

And yes, it worked really well. Too well, actually. I set up my plans and glued them to the fridge door, always visible – and I was really surprised that I was able to stick to it totally. I actually have 30 points to spend every day, and I used 19 until I now had some 150ml of smoothie, bumping it up to 25. I calculated it so low to actually have some space for sitting at the computer and eating sweets or apples with cinnamon-sugar or stuff like this. But well, I didn´t need it. So I really need to be adjusting the food planning during the next couple of days.

Besides this…I did, uhm, nothing. I went for two walks to actually reach my 10.000 daily steps (one of my goals, besides one additional kind of sports added on top) is what I need to fulfill until going to bed. Tough one, but I will have to managed if I wanna succeed something this year still.

Generally my mood was just sucky. I woke up being grumpy and thoughtful, and this just stayed with me for the full day – it was like something was waiting around the corner, something dark and negative. But I just cannot put a finger on what´s the matter, and that´s just making it even worse. Maybe it is just the whole no-job situation, the fact I am pressuring myself to actually be learning for my Scrum exam (didn´t do shit for that today) and my skin just giving in on all the pressure and stress I am making myself and thus my body has do cope with – somehow.


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