Day X+55/56 – Obey your master…

…yes I know, it´s stolen from song lyrics, but it partially describes yesterday (X+55 // 19.10.2016) – because I took the Scrum Master exam and I passed it with 91,3% correct answers. To be fair, I was surprised that I passed because I thought I´d totally fail – no idea why I took it in the first place, but after revising a bit I was having a boost of confidence and was like “yep, let´s do this” and before clicking the “finish”-button I was shaking my head about myself, fearing I´d have just wasted 150€…but nope, I passed and it was an amazing feeling, I felt so great…oh the ego!

But you know, the downfall of the day didn´t wait for long –  I called the job agency to chck up on if they still need any kind of information to handle my request for unemployment money and at first the news was good – all stuff was received, nothing missing. But then I was told that in a preliminary decision until around Christmas, I´d not get any money. I do not yet know the reasons for this, as I am still waiting for the letter from the job agency but let´s put it mildly. At first I broke down crying and then went into rage and hate mode. But let´s see how this is going to continue…

Aaaaaanyways, last but clearly not least – probably most important for me on this day and during these tough times…My boyfriend and I celebrated our 1st anniversary as a couple. It is crazy how time has quickly passed by, and I have no idea how it´s already been a year. A year full of amazing times, of so incredibly much happiness, but of course also of little struggles, but it´s been an amazing time and clearly is and will still be an amazing time in the future. I couldn´t be any happier and more lucky ❤

Today (X+56)…well, waking up next to my boyfriend was pretty much the only  positive thing, because I called my health insurance as I need new anti-allergy pills. The last time I went to the doctor their refused to prescribe those, because the insurance wouldn´t pay and they´d be stuck with the costs. As I already had guessed back in the days and got to know today, it´s either a really lame lie or a fucking dumb try to get out of the whole.

The shitty part is just that the insurance cannot do any writing or something to advise them to prescribe this, because they are legally not allowed. So now I will be going to my dermatologist next week (need to go there anyways) and try to get those there, of not, I will go back to my normal doctor and enjoy a nice fight with them. I am not willing to pay for those again. 100 of those pills cost around 45€, and seriously…no.

And waiting for the letter from the job agency and the grey weather and everything just made me grumpy and pretty down – I mean come on, I am mentally so exhausted that I dreamt about living under a damned bridge last night because of not getting the money from the agency. Totally over the top but still. This shows I am currently feeling…

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