Film: Nymphomaniac II

I developed the habit of watching odd sounding films, that also have a not too amazing rating neoither on Netfilx or Amazone Prime or some movie rating page on the internet. And this one is one that I stumbled across last weekend and gave it a try.

It seemingly is a two parts film, but somehow it felt like part II, which I watched, told the full story though it was just close to 3 hours long (both parts together are supposedly 4+ hours long). And that story was really odd, to say the least. I mean, what to expect if it s a Lars von Trier film (which i just noticed afterwards, and seemingly it all made sense all of a sudden).

I mean, the storyline was kinda clear to me – a woman reflexts on to how her life had been before, telling the story to a cloistered man, shown in sequences of flashbacks. I personally found the character of Joe, the nymphomaniac, really interesting – especially when she joined this circle of “sex addicts” and in the end totally freaks out and makes sure that everyone knows that she is not like the others, is not seeing herself as a sex addict and that it is kind of all the fault of the society and its norms rather than of her not normal behaviour. For me it is a sign of an addict not realizing that she is an addict, and thus help is just impossible – shown as her leaving the group and doing her own thing after having failed to really full-heartedly try to get away from her addiction.

What I found really disturbing or irritating was that at times you really had no idea how much time had passed by in between some of the sequences – in one secene, the young girl that Joe acquired for her job was still around 15, in the (it felt like it) next scene the were kissing. And I was sitting there like – wait a second, this feels so wrong. I must have missed something clarifying that she was 18+ by that time already, but anyways.

Surely there have also been odd and funny moments, like when Joe made a translator tell a black guy (sorry for politically incorrect choice of words) she wanted to have sex with him – in the end that dude and his brother showed up and wanted to have a good time with Joe (I´ll not give you any details^^) but ended up freaking out at each other and discussing how to do things that they were standing there naked, discussing, whilst Joe was sitting on the bed, being totally annoyed. I mean, this clearly ain´t how she imagined a nice time with those two guys…

How the film ended? The cloistered man, who gave Joe a place to stay and sleep, tried to rape her but didn´t get any far because she shot him (sure, everyone has a loaded gun lying on the foor area of a bed…).

Overall…I don´t know. It´s been one of those films that leave you a bit clueless about ewhat to think – it had quite a few “what the fuck” moments, scenes to simply laugh about and some pretty reality-close ones. But it still felt like watching some fantasy-wanna-be-relaity-horror-porn film. or something.

If you want to spend the evening with a nearly 3h “wtf”-moment, go ahead and watch it…^^


On a snowy evening, the middle-aged bachelor Seligman (Stellan Skarsgård) finds the self-diagnosed nymphomaniac Joe (Charlotte Gainsbourg) beaten up and lying in the alleyway behind his apartment. He takes her back to his home and, over tea, listens intently as Joe recounts the eventful story of her libidinous life. Seligman, a highly-educated but cloistered man, connects and analyzes Joe’s stories with what he has read about.
Source: Wikipedia


Nymphomaniac (stylized onscreen and in advertising as NYMPH()MANIAC) is a 2013 two-part drama art film written and directed by Lars von Trier. The film stars Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, Stacy Martin, Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater, Jamie Bell, Uma Thurman, Willem Dafoe and Connie Nielsen. The film was originally supposed to be only one complete entry; but, because of its four-hour length, von Trier made the decision to split the project into two separate films. Nymphomaniac was an international co-production of Denmark, Belgium, France, and Germany. The world premiere of the uncut version of “Volume I” of the original five-and-half-hour-long version occurred on 16 February 2014 at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival.[9] The world premiere of the uncut version of “Volume II” debuted at 2014’s Venice Film Festival.[10] A “secret” advance screening of Part I occurred at the Sundance Film Festival on 21 January, 2014, at the Egyptian Theater with tickets distributed bearing the film title “Film X” amidst rumors the film could either be Von Trier’s film, or Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel.[11] The general release world premiere of the complete 5½ hours Director’s Cut took place in Copenhagen, Denmark, on 10 September 2014. The film was nominated for the 2014 Nordic Council Film Prize.
Source: Wikipedia


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